Nomad Wrenching…

28 07 2011

DIY workstand!

Since I’ve been riding my Santa Cruz Nomad MK2 a lot it was time to show her some love.

New rubber...=-)

First up some new rubber. I’d like to tell you I did some in depth research about the Specialized Chunder Control 26 x 2.3″ tires I am spooning on to my Nomad but they were on sale for $21 each at a LBS and the reviews on were decent so on they go.

New vs. old...

The Kenda Nevegals I was pulling off had a rip in the rear sidewall – not quite all the way through, but that tire was about to die so it’s going to get trashed. I’ll keep the front Nevegal as a spare for road trips and emergencies.

Rear wheel needs some truing...

While I had the rear wheel of the bike I adjusted the tension a bit to remove a wobble it had developed.

Clean and wipe down chain...

I was feeling industrious so I lubed and wiped down the chain. I also measured it for wear, but it was fine.

Time for some grease...

The lower suspension linkage on my Nomad has zerks fitted for fast re-greasing. Santa Cruz even gave me a grease gun with the bike that I had never used so I busted it out and pumped some fresh grease in the beast. We don’t ride in the rain or mud so the old grease looked fine.

My Santa Cruz Nomad ready for action...

I thought about actually cleaning the frame, but decided that was crazy talk and put the bike away. Next time I throw on new rubber I’ll probably get someone with skills to look at my shock/fork and see it they need any internally applied love.




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5 08 2011
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[…] It was time for some new tires on my Santa Cruz Nomad so I spooned on some Specialized Chunder Contr…. I gave the bike a quick check over and lubed the lower suspension linkage. […]

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