Getting Funky!

25 07 2011

Splish splash...

My apologies if posts about mountain biking at Hartland MTB Park are getting boring. I sympathize, but I gotta post about what I am actually doing and trail riding has been on the menu a lot lately. The more I ride at Hartland the better my BC-specific bike skills get and the more fun I have so I want to ride more. As you can imagine that has the potential to spiral out of control…=-)

Where are we?

The trail system at the park can be a little confusing and we usually get lost once per ride at least. Not a big deal as all roads lead to fun!

Goofy fat tire fun...

I just realized this ride my tires are quite worn and I need to start looking for a replacement set. I’ll probably just spoon a new pair of Kenda Nevegals on to my rims, but I may poke around a bit and see if anything else strikes my fancy. My Nomad has never run on anything other than Nevegals so they have served me well.

Kurt checking for damage after a big rock + bike impact...

The other problem I’m having with so much riding is that my pads are getting smelly like hockey gear…=-( BC is humid and even though I lay everything out to dry after a ride it has acquired some funkiness! I’m going to have to wash everything really well.

I just found out that the city is building a mountain bike skills park a few blocks from where I live so I’ll have some even easier riding options if I just want to work on some techy moves.

Beware of the forest animals!

I was riding along when what looked like a stripped bandicoot took a swipe at my leg….ouch!

Berry good snacks along the trail...

I think he was protecting his berry patch, but we ignored him and had a feast…=-)

Summer mountain bike camp...

We ran into a group of kids on a summer mountain bike camp. Looked like a fun time for all of them. Kurt gave them some words of wisdom – specifically how to climb gnarly rocks and the best colours to wear for a MTB photo shoot…=-)

Not so clean anymore...

When I put the new tires on I may even clean my chain and lube it. If I am feeling super motivated I may remove some of the dirt, but I’ll probably save that for another year or so!



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