It’s been a dirty summer…

21 07 2011

Hartland MTB Park is our second home...

I lamented not going mountain biking as much as I wanted to last year. Well I got my wish this summer. We’ve been out to Hartland as much as 3 times per week and I bet we’ll fit in a 4 session week before the year is through.

The trails are world class and the park is free – well not free, but it was constructed and is maintained from our tax dollars.

Cranking up the rocks...

You’ll notice that all these photos are tagged with the blog URL. I don’t plan on doing this to every photo posted, but I wanted to try it out and see how it looked so that when I do have some photos I want to tag I’ll have an idea what to do.

Aaron adding air...

Aaron was discussing the pros and cons of riding a hardtail mountain bike. One of the key things is getting the air pressure in your tires correct as the rear is needed for both traction and a bit of suspension.

Good times...

I do miss the longer less technical trails in Alberta. I miss the sunshine because we are almost always deep in the forest at Hartland. When it’s slick after a rain I’m a crash monkey here in the rain forest. Having said all that I now have amazing mountain biking 10 minutes from my door and can ride 11 months of the year. That’s pretty cool. I also suspect that after riding all the wet techy trails here when I go to Alberta or Moab to ride I’ll be a stronger rider so that will be nice.

BC provides free trailside snacks!

We took a few breaks to catch our breathe and eat berries. If we got lazy the mosquito hordes reminded us we were here to bike!

Resting while the mozzies began to attack...



One response

30 09 2011
alex wenman

i ride a hardtail bike, they are absolutely brilliant for less technical tracks and dirt jumping but when it comes to extremely technical downhill tracks nothing can be as forgiving as a full sus. but yeah like you said having the correct tyre pressure in the back tyre

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