Time for repairs…

20 07 2011

Riding in the dirt is hard on gear!

We’ve been mountain biking a lot lately. That means stuff is breaking! So I had to sit down and fix a few things so we didn’t have any gear failures on the trail. Number one fix was shoe gooing the front part of the sole of my 5.10 Impact Low MTB shoes back on. A healthy dose of shoe goo saves the day – again…!

Last year's repair to the other shoe...

I fixed the same problem on the left shoe last year and it’s holding up well.

Shoe lace about to break...

I’ve been watching the right shoe lace fray each ride for a while now and don’t want to deal with it mid-ride so it was time to hunt around for a replacement.

5.10 Impact Low shoes back in action...

I found a long skateboard shoelace that looked like it would work fine. These shoes should be okay for the rest of the season now…=-)

Knee pad tear repaired...

Sharon caught the soft back part of her knee pad with the pins on her BMX pedals and tore it. So I sewed it back together and poured some shoe goo on top to seal the repair up nicely. It may not be pretty. but it’s functional!



One response

20 07 2011
Val Garou

IF your blog does nothing else, it should be good for a couple of percentage points’ increase in Shoe Goo sales.

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