Ortlieb Messenger Bag Pro

19 07 2011

Ortlieb Messenger Bag Pro...

I’ve been using an Ortlieb Velocity waterproof backpack for over 3yrs and love it. You can click on the image above and below to read various reviews I’ve posted over the years about this awesome backpack. It sees daily use and has become one of my mission critical bits of gear that if I ever destroyed or if it was lost/stolen I’d go buy a new one the same day without thinking about it. Even when I bough the Velocity I was keen on it’s much bigger brother the Messenger Pro. I’ve had the Messenger Pro on my wish list all these years, but it’s never climbed my priority list and made the cut to be purchased. Well that was until my birthday this year when Sharon asked me what I wanted and I thought the Messenger Bag Pro was one of those gifts I’d never buy for myself so I suggested it to Sharon who got it for me – thanks!…=-)

Ortlieb Messenger Pro details...

The Messenger Bag Pro is a 30L bag compared to the 20L capacity of the Velocity. It feels more than 1.5 times bigger though. The construction is similar with a very durable waterproof PVC body and welded seams to ensure your stuff stays dry. The Messenger Bag Pro comes with two organizer pockets and a stiffener sheet to keep large documents from getting bent/damaged. One neat feature is a clear window on the back of the bag that you can slide a large piece of paper into to act as a mini-billboard. I haven’t used it yet, but plan to – just for fun!

Ortlieb bag comparison...

I expect the Messenger Bag Pro to be as durable as the Velocity which means there is no point talking about how it is wearing after 3 months! I use the bigger bag about 25% of the time and use the smaller bag 75% of the time. If I could only keep one I’d keep the smaller bag. I like a bag being 50%-75% full most of the time because it carries better than a bag that’s under utilized and flopping around. Having both is a nice luxury so I can grab whichever fits my needs better.



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19 07 2011
Ty Smith

Great bag! I have the older version of the Messenger Bag Pro, simply called the Messenger Bag. I think the only difference is I don’t have the clear sheet, and I don’t have the organizing pockets. Mine is basically one giant open sack, but I do have the stiffening plastic along the back of the bag.

I have had it for two years and use it daily. Durable as heck, and mine gets thrown one floor of the train, stuffed into luggage racks, etc., on a daily basis. Still waterproof and super comfortable to carry. I get comments from people all the time admiring the bag. The only downside is that occasionally new security people at my office take me for a bike messenger when I come in for the day when they read the back of the pack! Cracks me up every time it happens!

I got this bag after having great use from Ortlieb panniers on my traditional bike. You cannot go wrong with their products!

19 07 2011

They still sell the messenger bag without the clear window.


19 07 2011

I had a pair of Ortlieb panniers for my motorcycle that I used to tour with years ago.
No longer have the motorcycle, but I dug the old bags out of the basement, ordered a bunch of new Ortlieb bicycle pannier hardware to bolt on, and now I have an awesome set of Ortliebs for the ‘Trucker.
Love their stuff.

19 07 2011

I was flirting with this bag the first time I saw it at REI. I don’t carry a backpack or a messenger bag often enough to justify the purchase though! If I get one, it will be the orange or the yellow one.

Happy trails!

Peace 🙂

20 07 2011
Brian E

Just wondering if the MEC logo on the side of the bag is reflective? Thanks

20 07 2011

@Brian – yes the MEC sticker is reflective. I figured it doesn’t hurt on an all black bag if I am doing some night riding.

28 04 2012

hi, good review, nice pics. I have the 30L Messenger pack in yellow as a commuter pack and it’s a great pack, just a bit over-big for my needs. Should probably have gone for the Velocity first, as you did. Raining every day in the UK right now so waterproof is the way to go.

I have a question; I think I saw a Blogger review from you in which you had the Ortlieb mobile phone pouch? If so, is that also waterproof? From looking at pics it seemed to me that it couldn’t be, but a non-waterproof phone pouch on a waterproof pack doesn’t quite make sense……if you still have it maybe you can do a mini-review of the pouch…?….


29 04 2012

@konafan – I never had the Ortlieb phone pouch so I can’t comment on it – sorry.

1 05 2012

sorry, my mistake, the pouch in your Blogger pic is Blurr not Ortlieb. Well, I guess you could do a mini review of the Blurr 🙂

Your pic of the Velocity and Messenger bags side-by-side is helpful, I hadn’t seen that before. I put my Messenger bag next to a Deuter Trans Alpine 30L and it looks bigger than 30L. After spending some time looking at your comparison pic I’ve ordered a Velocity pack – maybe I can sell my Messenger bag to a London messenger wannabee….

Happy riding, good trails.

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