LHT 26″ Wheeled Build PT7…

14 07 2011

I've made some progress!..=-)

The 26″ wheeled Surly LHT project is moving along nicely! I got a bunch of stuff taken care of now that the weather has been a bit grim and work hasn’t been full on.

The drivetrain is installed...

I got a SRAM 9 speed chain installed and pedalled the bike down the block like this to finally get a feel for what she’s like. The big soft tires are fun and it feels like the offspring of a mountain bike and touring bike…=-)

Backend bling!

I don’t normally roll with XTR bling on my bikes, but I found this derailleur in my spares bin and it’s in good shape so on it went!

Crank clearance...

I swapped in a 122mm square taper crank and got the necessary clearance with the chainstay on both sides.

Downtube shifter...

To start with the bike will be a 1×9 that I can shift up front with my hand if needed. Depending on how that goes I may add a front derailleur or I may not bother. The downtube shifter is the second half of the one I used to shift the front triple on my rando bike. I haven’t cabled it in yet, but will do that next session.

V-brakes at the back...

Shimano Deore V-brakes with salmon Koolstop pads are on the back.

V-brakes at the front...

Same setup at the front.

A splash of colour...

I thought I’d try a bit of colour on the bars and with the cable housing. Frankly I’m not 100% on the red yet, but it’s worth a shot. If I don’t like it I will change it later in the year. Dia-Comp 287V levers.

Silver seatpost...

I got a cheap unbranded silver seatpost that looks more elegant than the F-ugly one I had found in my parts bin.

Next up cable up the shifter go for a test ride. Then racks and fenders!




11 responses

14 07 2011

lookin’ good! what tires/width are you using? big apples?

14 07 2011

The BAs are 26″ x 2.15″ [~55mm wide].

14 07 2011

I know this is a function-not-form bike, but the red tape/cables are not playing nice with the honey saddle. Fashion nit-picks aside, the build looks great. Can’t wait to hear your long-term review of those VO cranks.

14 07 2011

@Dan – I have a spare black B17 that can go on instead of the honey sprung Brooks or I can change the bar tape easily. I’m not sure yet….

14 07 2011

“I swapped in a 122mm square taper crank”…. really?

15 07 2011
Brent irish

Love your approach. I find as much fun in the selection and assembly as I do in riding bikes. Though the riding lasts longer.

I am trying to decide whether I should by a Pugsley or 9:Zero:7 complete or make it a summer project and get the frame and piece it together.

I am leaning towards this method. Let me know if there are any issues that are easily overlooked when working with a winter bike.


15 07 2011

The lamp in the ground almost fooled me. I thought it was a part of the bike 🙂

Looks great!

Paz 🙂

16 07 2011

@Brent – building a fat tire bike is….ummm…unusual so you’ll really need to do your research and ensure you are buying the correct parts. The benefit with buying a complete bike is that it’s much cheaper and obviously easier. If you want the best of both worlds buy a complete and then after your first winter strip it down to a bare frame…maybe even get the frame painted as that gives you a custom looking rig and a purpose to tear it down…then build it up again.

Surly is coming out with a new fat tire bike that’s got even bigger tires …I’ve heard 4.5″ wide vs. the current 3.7″ wide Pugsley. Might be worth checking out…=-)

You can read my Pugsley review at the link below….I’ve included a parts list if you end up going for a DIY Pugsley.


17 07 2011

I like that Brooks Flyer Vik! I have one on my Kogswell and they’re awesome!

7 08 2011

Doing a much needed overhaul of my LHT and thinking about replacing my bar end shifters with some down tubes. Two main options seem to be the Shimano SL-7700 or Dia Compe, which might be a better fit since I never used indexed on the Simanos that came on the bar ends. But it seems you went with the Simanos downtube shifters?

8 08 2011

@Matt – I went with a Shimano shifter because that’s what I had on hand. Got it cheap used from a LBS and put the front shifter on my rando bike which meant I had a left shifter leftover. It’s the wrong speed for the 9 spd cassette on the bike so I just use it in friction mode.

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