Surly 1×1 Frame for sale…

13 07 2011

Black and white...

I’m selling my Surly 1×1 frame/fork with headset installed for $300.00. I’ve come to the conclusion I need the next size up in frames. The frame is in excellent condition. It’s been stored inside and seen only short distance rides around town. I’m open to selling the whole bike as it’s a pretty slick unit. I get tons of compliments and always end up stopping to chat with folks on every ride. If you are interested in the complete rig drop me a line and we’ll talk price.

Back end...

My review of this bike is here.

My MK2 upgrades are discussed here.

My Flickr photos are here.

Front end...

If you are not familiar with the Surly 1×1 here are some quick facts:

  • steel frame
  • disc and rim brake posts
  • horizontal dropouts for fixed gear/sing speed or IGH use
  • no derailleur hanger
  • makes a great rigid MTB, commuter or expedition touring bike
  • room for fat 26″ x 2.5″+ rubber
  • can run 700C wheels with narrower rubber [28-35mm] and disc brakes
  • very versatile



11 responses

15 07 2011
Steve Jones

purple bar tape! Nice with the brooks honey.

15 07 2011
Steve Jones

whoops! entered in the wrong place, I mean for the bike you’re working on!

5 12 2011

Assume you sold the frame? Seems to be just what I am looking for…

5 12 2011

@Ben – the 1×1 is still for sale. It’s in mint shape.

5 12 2011

Really! What size is it? I am interested in building it up as a single speed, if I can, for my son. I would take the brakes, seat, post, cranks, wheels from my MTB. Interested in a Cove Stiffee frame and XTR derallier?

5 12 2011

It’s an 18″ frame. I’d need the $300 cash as I’d like to buy a 29er frame. It’s an ideal SS frame and very versatile if he wants to run a geared hub down the road.

6 12 2011

OK, need to think about it and determine if I can do the work and what other components / tools I may need. Send me an e-mail with your phone # to discuss further.

9 01 2012

Is the frame still for sale?
Any idea how much shipping would be to Asheboro North Carolina?

9 01 2012

@john- the 1×1 is sold.

15 04 2017
Winston Cabalinan

What size?

16 04 2017

@Winston – the ad is from 2011.

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