Another great kiteboarding weekend…

12 07 2011

The wind has been blowing until 8pm!

I managed to get away to Nitnaht Lake on Friday morning and stay through Sunday while Sharon was off to a Burning Man party near Squamish BC. I had several great kiteboarding sessions over the weekend with Saturday being the standout day. This summer has been a bit grim compared to 2010 and I can only assume the less than stellar weather forecasts have kept people away because the lake has been so empty compared to this time last year. It doesn’t bother me a lot since fewer riders means more space for me to play and the wind continues to blow…=-)

Where are all the kites?

Because it hasn’t been as hot and sunny as usual inland the wind isn’t blowing as hard as last year so I am riding one size kite larger. That’s generally not a big deal except that I don’t have any light wind gear with my biggest kite being a 10m Ocean Rodeo Rise. I’ve used my old 12m Naish Code a couple times, but I’m over that kite as it really is a slow turning school bus and it has so much bar pressure my arms end up sore after 2hrs!

This is the busiest photo I could take and it was rare to see this much action in one spot...

My kite budget for 2011 is accounted for so I won’t be making a move until 2012, but that gives me some time to research and demo a light wind setup. Given how gentle light wind riding is likely to be any gear I buy will last a long long time so I want to make sure I make good choices.

These are the companies in the running so far:

My friend Greg turned me onto this article that talks about how addictive kitesurfing is…lol…I moved to Victoria because of it and this girl moved to Nicaragua!.




6 responses

12 07 2011
inMotion Kitesurfing

I just picked up your website as a referrer in my analytics software, and found your link to Jessica’s article on our website.

I just wanted to thank you for linking to it. Hugely appreciated.

You have a really great website by the way… very diverse and extremely content rich.


12 07 2011

Thanks Brendon – you’ve got a great site as well. I’ve linked to it and will keep an eye on it…=-)

12 07 2011
inMotion Kitesurfing

Ah brilliant, thanks! I see the link in your sidebar.

I have subscribed to your website, and will look out for opportunities to promote some of your articles as well.



12 07 2011
inMotion Kitesurfing

BTW: If you post a kitesurfing related article that you want us to feature in our daily kitesurfing paper, send me the link and I will tweet it out to our twitter followers and it should appear in our paper (see link below) the next day:

13 07 2011

Thanks will do. I’ll have some kite gear reviews coming up later this fall and will be riding my motorcycle to baja to kite for a month or two…so I’ll have some posts worth promoting at that time…=-)

13 07 2011
inMotion Kitesurfing

Brilliant, just let me know, and I will help you promote them!

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