LHT Repair Kit…

11 07 2011

No more flats for me!

After my recent LHT tire blowout and forced walk to MEC I was motivated to ensure that I always had the tools/supplies needed to fix basic bike problems. So I grabbed a spare seatbag and loaded it up with:

  • patch kit [2 tubes of glue]
  • tire levers
  • multitool
  • 700c presta tube
  • 26″ presta tube


I’ll be adding to this kit:
  • tire boot material
  • chain tool
  • spare 9 spd SRAM powerlink

My Surly Long Haul Trucker taking a break on the Gorge Waterway...

Now as long as I remember to grab a pump I should be able to deal with anything that’s likely to happen while out riding my LHT. I don’t use a seatbag on my LHT most of the time because I lock this bike up downtown a lot, but by keeping everything organized in a seatbag it gives me the option of hanging the bag from my saddle or simply dropping it into a pannier.



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11 07 2011

I happened to me a couple of times that I realized I’ve been riding with a wrong size spare tube 🙂 Now, all my bikes are 26″ so that problem is no more.

11 07 2011
The Pirate Velo

I have everything you mentioned but the extra chain link and the material for a complete blowout. I have neither had a blow out or a chain issue yet (knock on wood). I will post what I have in my bag tonight along with a photo as a response.

Also, why the two different tube sizes? Maybe so you can swap the bag on different bicycles?

11 07 2011

With 26″ and 700c tubes I can deal with both my LHTs using one repair kit. My 650B rando rig has a full set of spares in the bar bag I leave on that bike. My MTN bike has a dedicated frame bag with spares on it. So that just leaves my folders. I actually have a spares bag for my 16″ Bike Friday Tikit. I’ve just been lazy about taking it with me on rides.

11 07 2011
Val Garou

Frame pump?

11 07 2011

No frame pump on bikes I lock up downtown a lot like my LHT. I use one on my rando bike because I am almost always riding it or nearby. I use Road Morph pumps that I can throw into a backpack or pannier with my LHT and folders.

14 07 2011

Been following you for years and cannot believe you didn’t already have this.


14 07 2011

@D – I’ve had many repair kits and invariably I either stop carrying them because I’m locking that bike up downtown and don’t want to leave something easily stolen on it or I pillage one repair kit for supplies for another bike. The same thing will happen to this repair kit at one point and then I’ll build up another – and so it goes…

18 07 2011

That makes much more sense!

Cheers and safe riding.


18 07 2011

One suggestion is that a $5.00 note, well any note probably will do the trick as a tyre boot plus you have some spare cash for a coffee or whatever should you get caught out.

I also carry a packet of Park Tool GP2 Super Patches which I find are handy for a quick repair on the side of the road.

My approach varies a little from yours as it reflects my different usage, but I must add a Connex link and a FiberFix Spoke to each of my kits.

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