VO Chainstay Protector

10 07 2011

Effective, but F-ugly!

The paint on my 650B Boulder Bicycle All Road is delicate and it gets ridden with less care than it deserves as I am usually pressed for time and not at 100% when I’m riding a brevet. I managed to get a couple decent chips in the right chainstay’s paint in the first ride or two so I threw on the Lizard Skins chainstay protector shown above. It works well, but it’s not aesthetically well suited for this fine machine. I could tell it was bugging Aaron as he offered me a clear stick on protector on more than one occasion!..=-)

Velo Orange elkhide chainstay protector installed...

I declined to swap out the Lizard Skin protector until I could get my hands on one of these Velo Orange elkhide chainstay protectors. It suits the bike much better while being cheap and effective at its job.

That's much better!...=-)

You can get the VO protectors in a bunch of colours shown below. I’ll report back with a long term review in the winter.

Lots of options...



5 responses

11 07 2011

um, the VO chain protectors get disgusting very quickly. My husband has had one on his bike for a few months and it is grungy and black. Nice idea, nice aesthetics, but it looks awful now. But, it does do it’s job.

11 07 2011

The lizard skin one starts ugly so this will be an improvement no matter what…=-) I’m going to see if treating the leather and cleaning it will be possible at all. For $8 I’d be willing to replace it every few months if necessary.

11 07 2011


I’ve had both. Currently the Fargo is sporting the Lizardskins. The IF had a black VO protector. It kept peeling off, so I left it off, and am just using the clear protector IF put on at the shop…

My pugs is sporting the split tube / electrical tape wrap, and the Fargo will likely see that soon – but I am eyeing some helicopter / invisishield type tape.


Looking forward to a long term review.

11 07 2011

To be fair to the Lizard Skins product they work great and I’ve used them for years on many bikes with no problems. The only issue is they don’t look nice on classic bikes. The invisible tape idea is a good one – let me know how it works.

11 07 2011

I have a VO (darker brown) that’s held up for a year so far. It does get grimy, but cleans up OK. The fact that it’s very thick and the “suede” texture of the leather is exposed along the edges seems to collect and show more dirt and gunk than if it were a thinner layer of leather.
I’ll probably go with helicopter tape next time – a $15 roll would probably make 50 chainstay protector strips! I use it on other parts of my bike to prevent cable housing rub and other dings and scratches, too.

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