LHT 26″ Wheeled Build PT6…

8 07 2011

My 26" wheeled LHT with cranks and pedals installed...

I installed some lovely Velo Orange cranks and MKS pedals on the LHT using a Shimano square taper BB. The shot above is a bit low to let you see the saddle vs. bar height, but it’s now set where I’ll be riding it.

Crank and pedal detail...

The Velo Orange crankset is the Grand Cru Fluted Double [34T/48T]. It’s got a lovely finish and useful ring sizes. The MKS pedals are nothing special, but they were sitting in my parts bin and looked like they would suit this LHT build so on they went.

BTW – just realized I didn’t install the decorative covers over the crank bolts in the image above…my bad…you can see them in the photo below.

Bike parts porn...

I used a 118mm Shimano square taper BB. As you can see from the photo of the left crank arm below this does not provide a ton of clearance with the left chainstay. I’m pondering swapping in a 122mm spindle BB to get 2mm extra clearance on each side.


Up next I’ll install the brakes and levers…



5 responses

8 07 2011
Mike Croy

That is looking sexy Vik!!! Can’t wait to see the final build when it’s all done.

10 07 2011
Mike McArthur

Seems clear VO designed this crank with 130mm rear spacing in mind Vik. Not surprising when you consider all the randonneur and constructeur bikes they fit. Now you’re into a 135mm-spaced LHT setup and this VO doesn’t seem to be a match. I can’t think of a flexier BB setup than a 122mm square. You’re really going fashion over function here. Maybe put the VO on another bike with narrower spacing? Surly style would be more akin to an SLX chainset anyways…

10 07 2011

@Mike – I think you are dramatically over estimating the power of my chicken legs to flex something! The longer BB spindle is the cheapest way to solve the problem and if it turns out to be too flexy I’m out $14. I don’t expect that I’ll be flexing anything noticeably though…only one way to find out…=-)

10 02 2013
Adsanai Fukjaroen

What frame size are yours? And how long the crackarms?

I’m going to build my LHT with these similar parts.

10 02 2013

58cm LHT – crank arms are 175mm I think.

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