Bob’s Electric Catrike…

7 07 2011

Bob's triker grin...

Bob has been enjoying his Catrike for the last few years in stock trim, but has been thinking about a electric bike assist kit for it so he can conquer the local hills that are giving him grief. I connected Bob with my friend Ken over at Power in Motion who specializes in all things for electric bikes. Ken had a new kit called the Mega Motion kit that he recommended for Bob’s Catrike e-assist needs. Ken’s shop did the install quickly and Bob’s been very pleased with the result. He’s out and riding more than ever now that he has some help for the steep hills he faces on his rides and he’s excited to explore further afield than he has done in the past when he only had his own leg power to rely on.

Since I’m not an expert on electric bike kits I’ve uploaded a PDF brochure of the Mega Motion Kit that anyone who is interested can download and read for themselves. Ken is an electric bike guru so if you have any e-bike needs [e-Tikit, e-cargo bike, e-commuter bike, etc…] don’t hesitate to call or email him at Power in Motion.



2 responses

7 07 2011
Micheal Blue

Sounds like fun and helpful. When there is a 60 km/h headwind I wish for an electric assist. My main concern is that the riders who depend on electric assist can be in a tough situation if the assist stops working for whatever reason. Their legs not being used to hard pedaling…

7 07 2011

Anyone who leaves their house on a bike accepts a slight risk that something might happen to render their bike unrideable. You can’t carry enough tools and parts to resolve all the potential problems that could occur. If your bike breaks down you deal with it based on the specifics of the situation. I walked my LHT to MEC last week when my tube blew and I didn’t have a spare on me. Bob would simply pedal home slowly if he was close by or if further afield he’d call for some help.

My friend Kurt has been using an e-assist from Ken on his folding bike for a couple years now and has not had a failure yet even though a folder is a much more challenging application than a normal bike or trike.

Buy quality gear, maintain it reasonably well and then don’t worry about it too much…

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