4 07 2011

300,000kms on my little Mazda!

My trusty Mazda B4000 pick up truck rolled over 300,000kms this weekend on a kiteboarding trip to Nitnaht Lake. This has been a long awaited milestone in our 15yrs together and it’s fitting that it occurred as the Mazda transported us to another fun weekend of camping and flying around on a beautiful lake.

Always dirty and always there to get us where we needed to go...=-)

My goal was to get this much mileage from my rig and now that we are there I’m going to let her go. I have her insured until end of August and at that point I’ll give her to one of my friends that has expressed an interest in being her new buddy. She needs a bit of work and I’m not willing to invest $2K-$3K in an older truck. If I could do the work myself I might reconsider, but my mechanical skills don’t extend much past bicycles…=-) Hopefully I’ll still get to see her and enjoy an occasional sentimental ride.

Drying a kite...

We had a fun and relaxing long weekend at Lake Nitnaht. Winds were a bit light, but we managed to kite 2 out of the 3 days we were camped there. It was nice and sunny the day we couldn’t kite so hanging out and chatting with folks in the campground was great. Sharon is doing great and is definitely done her lessons so she’s officially a kiteboarder!…=-)



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17 07 2011

I would keep driving it…but then again I HATE vehicle payments. FWIW we currently own several vehicles with over 300,000km on them. I had two Ford trucks run over 300,000 miles (~483,000km).


17 07 2011

I paid off my new F150 in under 2yrs so I have no payments now or for the next 10-15yrs I own her. My main issue is the Mazda is at that point where it needs $$$ invested to repair a number of things and it is not as reliable as it once was. So I had to decide to keep spending $$$ on it or invest in a new truck. I am not able to do my own repairs to a car so they are costly.

300,000kms and 15yrs seems reasonable as a service goal for me, but I agree with some mechanical skills far longer use could be practical.

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