Blow Out!

2 07 2011

My LHT doesn't work well like this!

I was on my way to meet up with Aaron for a ride when my front tire blew out. I’m not sure if it was a poorly seated bead or if the tube had a problem, but either way I heard a gun shot and realized my front tire had no air. I kept her rolling in a straight line and braked with the rear managing to stop while in the upright position…=-) My Surly LHT continues to be nice to me.

These shoes are made for walking...

Before I left the house I threw a pump, levers and a patch kit into my pannier. I couldn’t put my hand onto a spare tube of the right size, but I figured what are the chances I’d have a flat I couldn’t patch?…=-) I’m glad I was wearing some 5.10 mountain bike shoes since they are easy to walk in.

MEC had some tubes for me...

I walked over to which took about 15mins of awkward half carrying my LHT. I rolled her into the bike section and bought two tubes. I wasn’t leaving without a spare tube this time! Fixing the front tube wasn’t a big deal once I had a tube without an 8″ tear in it…=-)

Aaron waited patiently for me at the Mohka House...

I had called Aaron so he knew why I was MIA and he waited for me at the Mohka House.

Kiteboarding action...

We rode along the water in some crazy strong winds. I requested a stop on Dallas Rd so I could watch the kiteboarders doing their thing. It may be hard to see in the photo above, but there are 6-7 kiters and a few windsurfers in the water having fun.

A pint at the Penny Farthing...

We spun around in the storm until the gusty winds pushed us past the Penny Farthing Pub where we stopped for a pint. I managed to limit my beer intake to a single pint and then fought the wind all the way home. As long as I don’t have any major performance goals to achieve I kind of like riding in a wind storm. It makes an easy cruise around town feel epic!…=-)



5 responses

2 07 2011
Steve Jones

The Five Tens are a terrific walking shoe in fact, not just for riding. Having never owned a car ( Yes, really! there are a few of us.) and before I started cycling I walked miles and miles with all kinds of so called purpose designed walking and hiking shoes. The “Tennies”easily beat them all . Great foot support and cushioning and I’ve found I can go all day, town or trail without my feet getting tired when wearing them. Aside from the fact that they can get a little warm, they are unbeatable! comfy, grippy, durable, affordable ( Did i miss anything? )
What’s not to like? GREAT shoes!

2 07 2011

510 shoes are great. They are really grippy!

Peace 🙂

11 07 2011
LHT Repair Kit… « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] After my recent LHT tire blowout and forced walk to MEC I was motivated to ensure that I always had …. So I grabbed a spare seatbag and loaded it up with: […]

3 08 2011
Jim Meah

Did Aaron take a picture of himself while he was waiting for you?

4 08 2011

@Jim – No I took one of him when I arrived where he was waiting.

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