LHT 26″ Wheeled Build PT5…

1 07 2011

To debadge or not to debadge?

I’m a proud Surly owner and love my original Long Haul Trucker. I would never think about stripping the decals off my other Surly bikes, but for some reason I keep having that thought about this 26″ wheel LHT build. Not because I want to hide the fact it’s a Surly, but I’m feeling like with lots of shiny silver parts the bike could have a sweet classic low-key look if I removed all the decals. I would of course keep the Surly headtube badge to maintain its Surly identity, but in a subtle way that doesn’t scream out for attention.

I’ll wait until the very end of the build to decide, but that’s the way I am leaning at the moment…



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1 07 2011

That big white Surly does stand out. If you decide to remove the decals, take that one first and maybe leave the smaller Long Haul Trucker and see how that looks.

1 07 2011

I second Foraker’s comment, though I’m not a big fan of the ones on the fork legs and the chainstay, either.

1 07 2011

My first or second gen LHT’s graphics have been removing themselves! I too have considered finishing the job.

Maybe you should try some gaffers tape, squint, and see if you like?

1 07 2011

I have run into a similar dilemma. I have a black Big Dummy with the swoop tope tube and a black LHT with 26ers as well. The Big Dummy’s decals are fitting but the trucker is a classic style bike. I had scratched the LHT decal with a U-lock… It was just enough to make it read Long Haul F*cker. The “Tr” read as an F. My 6 year old daughter, who is now beginning to read quite well asked me what a F*cker was… so I scrapped off the “Trucker” part of the decal. Now I just have a Long Haul on the non-drive side. I am tempted to make them all go away and leave the headbadge.

1 07 2011

Another option is to strip all the decals and have some new ones made that are more subtle/classic looking. I do like the idea of keeping some LHT identifier on the bike.

1 07 2011

I stripped of my dummy, the decals just are aggravating, but I can understand the surly style. I’m a little bit surprised they don’t make decals in a couple different styles these days to let users mod their bikes up a bit, since they know their users frequently like to tweak and style things differently.

1 07 2011

Decals are so easy to get made locally in whatever custom format you want it probably doesn’t make financial sense for Surly to try and offer alternatives that may not please owners anymore than the stock ones.

1 07 2011

I scraped mine off and I think the bike has a more classic understated look. There are still plenty of riders who immediately recognize it as an LHT. The rest don’t know enough about bikes to appreciate what it is anyway.

1 07 2011

I’ve grown to like the Surly logo that everyone seems to loathe. I have to admit, I didn’t like it much either at first. Now, since I’m such a Surly convert (three, soon to be four Surlys in the quiver), I see that big bold logo as a symbol of the style and attitude of the company that bears its name.

1 07 2011
Steve Jones

I’d remove the head tube badge right away. It’s the ugliest. Maybe keep the long haul trucker logo on the top tube, since that is synonomous with the Surly marque anyway. Ypu can have a lot of fun making your own decals on your mac.( Pages ) Print out and put double sided tape on the back and clear tape on the front. trim, peel off and stick on the bike.Creative and you’ll have something unique. Keep it simple because simple is best!

2 07 2011

I’ve toyed with the idea of stripping all of the decals off my LHT, and then buying a set of the Pacer decals, with the classic-looking Surly logo, and just putting that on.

3 07 2011

I think Surly sells decal kits in white and black for $15 or so. If you stripped it and later changed your mind it’s not a big deal to replace them.
You could even skip the white and go with black decals! I think it would look great to just see a shadow outline of the black letters on a black frame.

5 07 2011

Before you go ahead & rip off decals just to see what it looks like, just take a clear photo of the bike & use your photo manipulation software to remove them. Saves you having to buy up another set because you decided you liked them on after all 😉

24 07 2011

Stripped off all but the top tube “Steamroller” and head tube badge on my Surly. Much improved! I used a hair dryer and a nylon pot scraper….

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