Surly Cross Check Nexus 8 Shifter Update

29 06 2011

Sharon checking out the new control setup...

Sharon has really been enjoying the Titec H-bars on her Surly Cross Check daily commuter. The only point of dissatisfaction was the Nexus 8 twist-shifter took up too much room on the bar necessitating a hacked Ergon Grip that was too short to be comfortable. The solution was either a Jeff Jones Loop H-bar [with a longer grip area] for $120+ shipping or a Alfine 8 speed trigger shifter for ~$50. In the interests of cost we went with the later.

The problem is that hacked right Ergon Grip...

The comfort issue is pretty obvious looking at the photo above.

The new setup with Alfine 8 trigger shifter and a decent sized Ergon Grip...

Swapping out the Nexus 8 twist shifter was a breeze. I love how easy the Shimano IGHs are to work on…=-) I still had to hack a small bit off a stock Ergon Grip to make it fit, but this time that left a reasonable amount of hand space on the grip and a smooth transition to the controls.

Sharon tries the new grip/control setup...

Sharon’s initial reaction was positive to the new configuration. I’ll let her commute on it a few days and then we’ll tweak the position of the components as needed.

The blue beast ready for more commuter action...

Since I had the bike in my work stand I took the opportunity to check the brakes, chain tension and fenders. I lubed the chain and added some air to the rear tire. Because of the IGH and quality parts this bike sees daily use and doesn’t need much maintenance.

Sharon is really enjoying the Donkey Boxx and it’s performed solidly for her. She gets lots of positive comments on it and questions about how she built it…lol…she has to let people know it’s a manufactured product not a DIY project.

Sharon hearts her Bike Wrappers...

We have so much daylight at the moment in Canada that Sharon hasn’t had a chance to use the reflective side of her Bike Wrappers yet. However, she’s digging the heart print on the “fashion” side and would be happy with them even if they didn’t have a reflective option underneath.



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29 06 2011

I am building my next commuter in my mind, it will definitely have an IGH and some sort of non-rim brakes, can’t find enough good info on roller brakes so perhaps disc brakes. I am glad you are describing the handlebar setup on Sharon’s bike, another element I am still figuring on.

There is still time though, I have to reach a personal goal that may take a year or two before I allow myself to replace the current commuter that is still going strong for the $150 I bought it for.

6 07 2011
Bow Cycle | Vik's Picks » Sharon’s Cross Check Bars Last Update

[…] When I built up Sharon’s Surly Crocc Check commuter bike I put drop bars on it, but it turns out Sharon [who has never used drops before] couldn’t get happy on them despite lots of tweaks and trying a couple different styles of drops. She really likes flat bars so we gave a Titec H-bar a shot and that solved her main problem – lots of hand positions and no discomfort. Although we had a new smaller problem and that was the twistshifter for her Nexus 8 IGH didn’t…. […]

27 09 2013

I have a customer looking to put trigger shifters on their Nexus hub and wondering if you had any issues with this set up (Alfine shifter on a nexus hub?). Shimano says that “officially” it doesn’t work due to a difference in pull ratios. Did you find this to be the case on Sharon’s bike? has there been any inconsitencies or is it pretty much a straight swap with the Alfine trigger set up?
Thanks for the insight!

27 09 2013

@Jude – it was a straight swap with no issues after more than a year now I think. I was under the impression Nexus 8 and Alfine 8 IGHs were parts swappable.

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