LHT 26″ Wheeled Build PT3…

28 06 2011

Velo Orange Grand Cru 1 1/8" threadless mirror finish headset...

When I was young and foolish I used to buy premium headsets for my bikes because I thought they had to be superior given the exorbitant cost. Then as my fleet grew I was forced to buy some lower cost headsets and was surprised to find no difference at all in using or maintaining them. Ever since I’ve been buying quality mid-grade headsets at a reasonable price and been totally satisfied.

Exploded view of the internals...

When it came to my 26″ LHT build I wanted something that would look nice with the mostly silver parts build I was using, that was high quality and was not expensive. Velo Orange has become a regular stop for me when looking for parts for a bike build and I ended up with a Grand Cru 1 1/8″ threadless headset. It’s got a lovely mirrored finish and uses high quality sealed bearings at a reasonable price of $52.

VO headset install in my 58cm 26" wheeled LHT...

I took the headset down to Cycles West [my new LBS] a few blocks from my house so they could install the headset for me. Now that I am home for a few weeks I hope to get this project rolling again and finish of the build.

Next up is the BB, crank and pedals. Then stem and bars. It’s almost a bicycle…=-)



4 responses

28 06 2011
Doug Peterson

The only time I’ve ever felt that the CK headset I have has earned its keep is the CETMA equipped urban bike. Other headsets work themselves loose with heavy front loads, the CK stays tight. Note that I’m talking about $30 Tange headsets coming loose after hauling a 40lb load on my fork across Seattle.

My VO Grand Cru has been rock solid on my camper bike for two years now, no adjustment.

28 06 2011
Brian E

Are the bearings stainless steel?

28 06 2011

I’m not sure if the bearings are stainless or not. You’d have to ask VO.

2 07 2011

I don’t put Chris King on everything, but there are definitely bad headsets, too. I’m none too impressed with the cheap original spec Cane Creek headset for my Trek 5200. For a bike that was fairly high end in its time, that $5 headset turned to rust after one ride in the rain.

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