My cat is in charge…!

21 06 2011

The brains behind this operation...=-)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. After being away all last week in SoCal for a full moon gathering in the desert I came home and had to leave the next day for a project. I’ve been working non-stop with breaks only to eat and sleep so I haven’t had time to do anything with my blog. I left Midnight [my cat] in charge back home, but she’s even lazier than I am!!!

I should be home this weekend and be back to posting next week.



3 responses

22 06 2011

Hi Vik,

No apologies needed!
You obviously have to work to pay for all that bike-candy you keep buying 😉
Good luck with the project and I for sure will be glad when you’re back!

Greetings from Belgium,


23 06 2011

hey, my all black cat is Midnight too!

24 06 2011

Vik, the problem is that you are one of the best bloggers on the web on any subject. I make a daily round of content, and when you’re not posting, I don’t get my fix. Frankly, I can’t figure out how you do all the things you do and post such detailed and thoughtful material. So your public may miss you, but we encourage you to have a life like we do.

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