1000+ Photos!

9 06 2011

I'm camera crazy...=-)

In less than 3yrs I filled WordPress’ 3GB of free memory allotment. I’m guessing that’s a bit over 1000 images. I could have fit a lot more photos in that space if I had resized each one to best fit the blog, but I also upload my pics to Flickr and I like having the highest resolution for that site. I’m a big believer in lots of photos for a blog. I have a hard time reading blogs that are mostly text.

I paid for another 5GB of hard drive space so I should be good for another 3-4yrs…=-)



7 responses

9 06 2011

I enjoy your photos a lot so keep it up!

9 06 2011
gary sherck

Along with Adam, I too enjoy your photos. We even see stuff on your bikes that you may not think helps us along the ride, but it does.

Agree with you that blogs are not very interesting, or worth following, which are mostly text.

9 06 2011

Thanks for all the blogging and pics!!!

9 06 2011

Thanks for the time and effort you put in to this volunteer effort Vik. It is appreciated by MANY!

10 06 2011

if you upload your photos to flickr, why not just link them here? then, they’re not in two places, and you don’t use any of the wordpress space?

that said, you already paid it, and you have a blogging workflow that keeps the posts coming, so i can’t knock it. 🙂

good job, keep it up, and the pictures are worth their weight!


10 06 2011

Geoff – there are a few reasons not to link to Flickr photos:

– Flickr is where I keep my high res edited photos so my blog acts as a backup for the most critical shots albeit in less than highest res.
– Flickr’s policy is to not allow linking like that to their site. You can do it, but the process is a PITA and if they find a useful way to block it suddenly all my old blog posts have no images.
– if my goal was to avoid the extra cost of hosting photos the simplest solution, although still a PITA, would be to export them twice once at full res for Flickr and once for the blog at low res. At the res needed for the blog I could fit 30,000 images into the free WP space allotment.

Probably when I run out of the extra 5GB I just bought either HD space will be free in a few years it will be so cheap or I’ll have to look at hosting my blog off my own server or a commercial server somewhere. If I am going to pay a bunch of $$ each year it might make sense to get full control of my blog….something I don’t have now.

11 06 2011

Love the blog and pictures. I’ve been reading it for a few years now and really appreciate the time you put into it. I’m into all types of on and off road cycling, and have gotten a lot of great info from your site. I recently got some 5 Ten shoes, and put bmx pedals on a 29er I use as a hybrid. I really like the setup and never would have tried it without your reviews.

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