Brynne’s Rando/Commuter…

8 06 2011

Freshly installed Velo Orange metal fenders...

Mike C swung by with his lovely wife Brynne’s rando/commuter rig for some fender love. We installed a set of Velo Orange smooth metal fenders on her Soma Double Cross.

Beautifully smoooooth....=-)

Like my previous VO fender installs they went on pretty easily. We had to scrounge some scrap metal and DIY a rear bracket to get the rear fender low enough on the wheel for a nice fender line. The front fender went on pretty well, but next time I have a moment I’ll DIY up a bracket to lower it down a just a tad.

Next up some mudflaps!

I’d also like to fabricate some mudflaps and get them installed when I get a chance. Mike was mentioning that this bike will be seeing some other upgrades like: a new dynolight, new stem and new bars. This a pretty sweet ride and with a bit of new bling will be even nicer…=-)



3 responses

9 06 2011
Mike Croy

That’s a sexy looking bike, thanks for your help!

10 06 2011

Nice bike, but PLEASE get rid of those canti’s. If you are using bar end shifters, use V Brakes with either tektro or cane creek linear pull levers. The difference is amazing. Best thing I ever did to my bike.

10 06 2011

@Mike – there is no difference in the braking between properly setup canti and v-brakes if they are both using the same quality brake pads.

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