Sharon’s a Kiteboarder!

6 06 2011

Sharon's ripping it up...

Kiteboarding is a hard sport to learn – very hard!

Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever tried and I honestly felt like giving up part way through my lessons because I felt like I would never get the hang of it.

Sharon didn’t have the luxury of non-stop lessons like I did so she’s had a more challenging time trying to keep her progression going between lessons that might be months apart. She’s had some high points during the process that kept her going and some low points where I could tell she was questioning whether all the cost and effort was worth it. Having felt the same way when I started I could sympathize with her and tried to keep her enthusiasm alive.

So this weekend Sharon figured out the last few details that she needed in order to be an independent kiteboarder. She was super stoked each day after her lessons to feel all her hard work come to fruition. Awesome!

Now that the work has been done it’s time to have fun and fly across the water and through the air…=-)



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