Making Progress!

4 06 2011

Floor space at last!

For the last year my garage has been filled with tools, clutter and bikes leaned up against everything including each other. I had a hard time accessing my gear and more than once I rode a bike simply because it was closest to the door as opposed to the one I really wanted that was way at the back. With better weather here and some projects completed that allowed me to empty out some of the unneeded tools/supplies I experienced what can only be described as a dominio effect of organization.

Starting with a 4′ x 4′ area of clear space I was able to organize another corner which bought me a few more feet of real estate and so on. I’m not nearly done my work, but now that I have the ability to move around and some space to open boxes and organize them I hope to tackle one area of the garage at a time thinning out the unused stuff and storing the rest more efficiently.

Room to maneuver!

The key for me is to break a big job like this into smaller manageable chunks that I can tackle in an hour or two. That makes starting less daunting and ensures I get something tangible accomplished each time.

I’m planning on getting rid of two bikes that are in the garage over the summer and removing about 25% of the stuff in boxes. Some of the stuff that leaves will get stored in the crawlspace of my house and the rest will be sold/given away/recycled/etc…

Phase 1 – making some room to move around is accomplished!

Phase 2 – getting rid of stuff that I rarely/never use is next.

Phase 3 – organizing what’s left really well is a late summer project.



5 responses

4 06 2011

I’m looking forward to you getting down to work, as I am keen to read your verdict on the Jones Loop Bar. 🙂

5 06 2011

Ugh. I’ve worked myself into your situation. I’ve got bikes hanging on the wall, too. But I find myself exhausted from a ride and neglecting to hang the bike I was just on. Before long there are too many bikes on the floor and I can’t even get to the hooks that are there to hang the bikes. It’s a bad cycle! (pardon the pun)

Plus the Xtracycle screws up that plan. I doesn’t get to hang. It’s the anomaly in my plan.

But organization makes things way easier to ride. It’s really underrated.

7 06 2011

@Snoogly – I wouldn’t wait on my review. I don’t expect the Jones bar to fall apart and the ergonomics are similar to the Titec H-bar so there won’t be any surprises. Beyond that hand comfort is very personal just like saddles so the fact I may love/like/not like it doesn’t really mean much for you.

8 06 2011

I know exactly how you feel! 10 bikes is a LOT for one garage! My next big deal is fixing the leaky roof so I have less of a mind game when putting a bike away.

27 06 2011

I’m a recent convert to fatbikes. I commute 16 miles a day year round in a town that revels in winter (snow in any month). My Salsa Mukluk has been something else. Every time I get on my bike I smile and feel like I just learned what it’d like to ride a bike. It’s really amazing! I’m not into blogs, but enjoy yours. Can’t wait till the snow in the high country lets me do a long tour. Thanks for the info you provide. And give David at Casa Verde a big hug!


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