Outer Bike 2011 – Moab

1 06 2011

Outer Bike 2011...

Sean turned me on to Outer Bike which is happening in Moab around the time I wanted to head down for some trail riding action. I’ve never heard of this event before so it was great to get pointed to it. I’m not sure how much I’ll participate, but at least having the option to join in on the festivities is cool. I’ll take a closer look at the Outer Bike website and see what interests me. I’d be down for a skills clinic as I can always stand to improve in that area. I’d also be keen on a group ride or three.

I’ll probably skip the demo days part of the event as I’m very satisfied with my Santa Cruz Nomad MK2 and nothing good for my wallet will come from demoing the lastest greatest 2012 mountain bikes!..=-)

Although I’ve been talking mainly about Moab my plan is to spend some time in Moab and then head south to Sedona AZ for more trail riding action and to get Dave at The Fat Tire Bike Shop to tune up my Nomad’s suspension. He did such a great job for me last time that I figure my trusty steed deserves another tweak to her squishy bits.

I’ve gotta be in the SoCal desert for a full moon party with friends on 12 October so 6 days in Moab and 4 days in Sedona is probably in the cards before I head to LA and then back home.



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