Moab Meet Up?

30 05 2011

Hard to beat this scenery...

I’m keen on heading to Moab this fall – probably the first week in October. Sharon was going to come with me, but she’s thinking about saving her holidays for the dead of winter to get away someplace warm. I don’t blame her! I’m not super stoked about mountain biking alone so I thought I would throw out an offer to meet up in Moab to anyone who reads this blog that’s into trail riding. If you’d be into a Moab road trip drop me a line via email or leave a comment on this post.

I love desert riding...

You don’t need to be amazingly fit or an expert level rider as I’m neither. You do need to feel comfortable on intermediate terrain and be able to handle a bit of bouncing around. With Arches National Park right there you’ll have some great day hiking options if you want to take a break from biking.

If you want to get an idea what the riding is like you can check out the photos from my last trip to Moab in 2009.

La Salle mountains...

You can rent bikes in Moab if you don’t have a squishy mountain bike. There are all levels of accommodations available from free camping through nice pay campgrounds to hotels.



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30 05 2011

I’ve been dreaming about going to MOAB for years! But I have developed such bad aversion to flying that it’s not even funny, I’ve been stuck on the East Coast for years. Just picking up someone from an airport makes me feel sick 😦

I’m working on overcoming this aversion since it limits me severely from going nice places, the West in particular. So I want to try flying somewhere this year so who knows, perhaps this would be an excellent opportunity to do so!

Although, I haven’t ridden off-road for at least 3 years. But I want to built a full susp MTB next month and get back on the trails again. I just found out that one of my coworkers is selling his Jamis XC Pro frame. The problem is that there aren’t that many nice trails around NYC.

And I’d be thrilled to meet you Vik. You really have been a great inspiration for me.

30 05 2011

@Adam – you could rent a mini-van drive out and then camp in it. The cost of rental/gas would be offset by the lack of a plane ticket and hotel room.

I’ve met a few folks via this blog and it’s been fun every time!

30 05 2011

I actually do own a minivan, that’s how I get around: with my bike inside, but it’s a 3 day drive to UT from NYC (~2,200 miles) 🙂 I wouldn’t mind tent camping at all but I was thinking about equipping the van for camping, I’d need bug nets in windows mainly. I usually drive it with all seats removed anyway.

Perhaps I could make this a part of a longer trip to visit a few more places out West. I need to think about this.

30 05 2011

@Adam – there are no bugs in Moab in October. I’ll be driving out from Victoria which is ~2,000kms so not quite as far.

No worries about making plans. Just see what happens and let me know if it looks like a go at some point.

30 05 2011

Yes, will do! I’ll mark this in my calendar: first week of October!

30 05 2011

being 3.5hrs away, i might come down and join you (date pending)

31 05 2011


There area bunch of us Canucks heading down from Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, etc the week of October 1st to 9th. Skill levels from intermediate to advanced. Good group of guys too – we head down at least once per year.

We were also planning to attend some of the demo days at Outerbike, which you might want to check out while you are there:

You can ping me at me gmail account. Sorry if you were spammed from it earlier today – problem resolved now.

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