Ripple Rock 600K Start

29 05 2011

Mike C gives the riders a pre-start briefing...

I helped out at the start of this weekend’s BC Randonneur Vancouver Island 600K. 

A bent and a bunch of cool rando DFs...

I saw my first Vancouver Island rando recumbent. A Barcroft being ridden by Luke Galley. There were also 3 Berg custom bicycles in the pack.

Socializing at the start...

I showed up at the start to see the riders off and then ran a secret control early on in the ride. That allowed me to be useful and still get away to Nitnaht Lake to kiteboard this weekend.

Luke's Barcroft rando bent...

The weather looked great for the start. I hope the riders have a fun weekend on the road.

Riders' eye view of the start...

This is my second 600K of the year – without actually riding a bike! Next year I’ll have to enter the event…=-)

Rando-fied Kuwahara...

I’m planning on heading over to the finish to see the riders come in when I’m back from Nitnaht Sunday.



3 responses

29 05 2011
Mike Croy

Thanks Vik!
Your efforts this year certainly have been appreciated very much. Your a V.I super star for sure.
I hope to get a 400 and 600 done next year as well.

29 05 2011

Nice pics! Hope everybody had a good ride!

29 05 2011
Mike Croy

Ken Bonner arrived at 10:08 this morning having ridden straight through the night finishing in 28:08. Ken says it was fairly windy heading north from Chemainus then windy on the return south of Parksville. Ken also mentioned that the cue sheet was one of the most spot on to the distance he was worked with, kudos to Patrick W. for his amazing efforts in re-working the cue sheet!
Still no other riders in yet that I know of, Ivan A. from Vancouver has been doing a shift over at Timmy’s for us before riding back to Vancouver and now Brynne Croy is over there to spell him off and I will head over once Steven is in bed to spell her off if any other riders are remaining to come in.

Super thanks to all Volunteers that helped through out the weekend. It helped me out a lot and hopefully made for a more enjoyable ride for those riding.

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