Hang Pro Wetsuit Hanger

25 05 2011

Hang Pro wetsuit hanger...

In the winter I’m surfing and in the summer I’m kiteboarding. Since I don’t live on Maui that means wetsuits all year round. Since I spend so much time in my wetsuits I buy quality items that fit me well and are made specifically for the water sports I enjoy. So naturally I’m interested in protecting my investment. One issue is drying and storing wetsuits on normal hangers puts a lot of stress on the suit as it is pulled down onto the sharp edges of the hanger by its own weight plus the extra weight of any water when wet.

How to gently hang and dry your wetsuit...

My friends Sean and Deanna gave me a couple of the Hang Pro wetsuit hangers shown above that they picked up on their globe trotting travels this year. These hangers let you easily hang your wetsuit by the waist and have a very wide curved edge the suit hangs from to ensure it’s not damaged.

Hang Pro in action...

The hanger is a robust product that’s made in the US. For the cost of a decent 6 pack of beer you can get one and it should last pretty much forever. Hanging your wetsuit this way is easy on the suit so you can store it like this for as long as you need to.

Hanging a wetsuit on a normal hanger...

You can see the same wetsuit on a normal hanger in the photos above and below. Keep in mind the suit is dry so it’s pulling down less than a suit that’s wet.

Eventually you'll stretch out the shoulders and damage the seams...



4 responses

25 05 2011
Val Garou

I wonder, when dry, if the fat kind of hangars intended for suit coats or whatnot might be a good idea.

25 05 2011

That’s better than a thin hanger for sure. These uber wide hangers and hanging from the waist are better still. You can also store folded if the suit is fully dry. During the active surfing/kiting seasons my suits rarely get 100% dry due to the high humidity here and the fact they get wet multiple times each week. As long as they are hung up and allowed to get air that doesn’t cause any issues.

25 03 2012

Hi, I was wondering, is there any difference between the HangPro and HangGoose? What makes the the large pricing gap between the two products? Also, is the UK HangAir worth the price? Thanks

As follows –
HangPro- $14.95(free shipping)
HangGoose- $43.95-44
UK HangAir- $44.95(Amazon+free shipping)

26 03 2012

The Hang Pro and Hang Goose looks similar in functionality, but the Goose is made from teak wood hence the higher price. The UK Hang Air has a built in fan to help the suit dry hence the higher price. I find a normal household fan pointed at 3 or 4 wetsuits hanging helps them dry fast and is much cheaper.

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