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22 05 2011

Boulder Bicycle All Road action...

Raymond Parker publisher of The Velo WebLog was kind enough to add my Boulder Bicycle All Road to the Reader’s Randonneur Rides section of his site.  Thanks! Since I haven’t published a full review of this bike yet the material posted on Raymond’s site is a nice concise summary of my experiences so far.

Yes I am Lazy!



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23 05 2011

Vik, I can’t believe you didn’t shift out of your middle ring coming up that incredibly steep hill on Stave Lake road on the Lower Mainland spring 300. Remember, it was at about km 230?

I’ve got a compact double in front and a 10-speed cassette, so my lowest gear is 34 and 28, and I just about had to walk, especially that late in the brevet. I nearly reached the point where I was exhaling over my shoulder, just so I wasn’t slowing myself down by blowing forward. What’s your lowest gear in your middle ring?

23 05 2011

@Ben – I walked up the hill in question! I didn’t need a lower gear I needed a break from pedalling.

My middle ring is 36 and my big cog on the back is a 32 which based on a crude guess for my Hetres at 27″ = 30.5″ gear.

If I went to my granny [26T] I’d be down around 22″ for a bail out gear.

If I put a 34T cassette on the back and just run a 36T single ring I’d have a 28.5″ low gear.

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