Nitnaht Lake First Session…

22 05 2011

I was seeing red at Nitnaht!...=-)

Kurt and I got out to Lake Nitnaht for a great early season kiteboarding session on Friday. We took a chance as conditions this time of year are not reliable, but our gamble paid off as we had epic conditions and only two other kiters on the whole lake. I got onto my board in the shallows and was riding for 30mins before my first wipeout. I was pretty shocked how cold it was…brrr! Being on top of the water wasn’t bad, but as soon as you went down it was chilly. I was wearing a 5/4/3mm Pro Motion kiteboard wetsuit which was fine, but I’ll be using my Ocean Rodeo Predator drysuit next session which has a hood. Kiteboarding is more passive than surfing so you don’t generate as much body heat since you aren’t paddling and if things go wrong you can be in the water for a long time getting things sorted out or just floating towards shore. I was super impressed when Kurt came in and wasn’t wearing surf booties or gloves – he’s a trooper!

I thought all my biking this spring would have made me ready for a day of kiteboarding, but when I got up the next day I was so sore. My legs barely worked and my abs were screaming! It seems like I am always a month behind the fitness power curve..;-)~

Kurt is flying green...

The pain was worth it. I can’t wait for another trip out to the lake. Talking to Mike C it looks like I can run a control for him on the 600K and still get out to Nitnaht for the weekend. Now I just have to pray to the weather gods for sunshine to power the thermal winds!



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