The remains of the rando year?

21 05 2011

My gang colours...

Back at the start of March I plotted out a brevet schedule for 2011. So far I’m mostly on track except that I replaced one 300K with a different one and I missed the Highway to Hell 400K. My goal for this year was to ride a 200K, 300K & 400K on my new upright rando bike. Keeping in mind all my previous brevets were on a recumbent so even a 200K is new territory on DF [diamond frame]. I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far. I’m comfortable on my bike. I’m navigating the courses well enough. My equipment is reliable and performing well. My fitness sucks, but I know what the solution to that problem is even if I don’t want to utter the “T” word at the moment.

Looking forward my plan is to ride the following:

  • Nanimo Populaire 100K – 25 June
  • Make Up Brevet 400K – 16 July
  • Fall Islander 200K – Sept 11
One fly in the ointment is the likelihood I’ll have to travel to Ontario for work most of July. So I may miss the 16 July 400K. I won’t know until July comes around so I’ll just keep planning on riding it and see what happens. If I can’t participate my back up plan is to drive to Port Hardy at the north end of Vancouver Island and ride the ~450kms back home with a hotel sleep stop in the middle. Not a 400K brevet, but I wanted to tour the island anyways and it will give me a handle on riding a 400K so that next year I can keep my progress rolling and try my hand at a 600K.