I’m a New World Tourist!

18 05 2011

My Bike Friday NWT chilling by the gorge waterway...

In Calgary I was a Tikiteer for sure and my Bike Friday NWT was a fun bike to ride, but if I had to choose I would have picked my Tikit. Lately I’ve realized that I am grabbing my New World Tourist for most rides into town and if you made me choose I’d stick with my NWT.

Why the change?:

  • in Calgary I lived right downtown and ride were short and frequent with high theft potential at each of the many stops.
  • in Victoria every ride into town is a minimum 8km round trip and theft potential is lower.
  • so now I ride into town less often, but I tend to save up errands and hit a bunch at once.
  • I can load up my NWT with a ton of stuff with its burly racks.
  • My NWT has drop bars which I am into at the moment and prefer for longer rides.
  • My NWT has a dynohub and light so I’m always ready for rides that extend into the PM.
  • I don’t have any lighting for my Tikit now that I am not using my Dinotte lights if I can help it.

Loaded and ready for more!

The only thing I want to do to my NWT to perfect it is install some full coverage fenders. I have them in my garage – in fact I’ve had them for 2 years! But I am finally getting motivated with the wet winters here to install them. The Bike Friday fenders do a decent job and are much easier to travel with if you pack your bike into a suitcase. I’m more a fold and trow in the truck kind of guy so I don’t need that sort of packability and I do need optimized fenders.

Well actually there is another thing I need to do to my NWT – it’s time to replace the grubby white bar tape. Using the NWT a ton means that the gleaming whiteness of her beauty is somewhat less gleaming!



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18 05 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, this may be slightly off topic, but have you ever considered getting a bike with full chain cover for commuting/winter riding? 20″ folders must be the most versatile bikes, and one like yours with IGH reduces maintenace…but the chain still gets bathed in salty slush in winter. I wish they would come up with a nice way of keeping the chain protected (the belt drive is too expensive).

18 05 2011

I’d ride one if I had one, but I’m not highly motivated to add a chaincase to an IGH bike simply because once your run a chain on an IGH maintenance drops to minimal levels even without protecting it.

Definitely the drivetrain will last longer if it was 100% protected in a case, but the cost of 8spd chain and new cog/chainring is pretty low.

My Surly Pugsley has seen horrendous abuse in all manner of challenging climates and it’s still on its original chain/ring/cog.

Pug first ride
18 05 2011
Brian Ogilvie

Hi Vik–Nice to see you’re back to the NWT. I’ve been riding mine a lot this spring in place of my LHT, which spent a lot longer in the basement on rollers than it usually does. Meanwhile, my Tikit is sitting in the corner gathering cobwebs. I really should sell it to someone who will use it.

Out of curiosity, why aren’t you using your Dinottes on the Tikit?

18 05 2011

@Brian – I wouldn’t make too fast a move on the Tikit. That could easily be something you regret!

I’m not using Dinottes because they are poorly designed and blind other folks coming at me. Same reason I don’t drive my truck with high beams on at night – except that Dinottes have no low beam setting.


19 05 2011
Brian Ogilvie

@Vik–thanks for the explanation. I use B&M lights (Cyo R, Ixon IQ, DLumotec Oval, and Lyt) so I have no experience with the Dinottes.

My Express Tikit is a nice bike…my wife would say that you’re enabling my bicycle addiction! 🙂

25 05 2011
Bruce Hodson

Pretty sure Kent Peterson rode a Bike Friday in PBP back in ’07. Read it on one of his blogs not long ago, though it may have been his older version.

25 05 2011

@Bruce – yes he did….I think he rode a 1400K in the UK on it as well.

2 06 2011

hi vic,

i am also from calgary. your blog and another one has inspired me to buy a nwt(dropped the idea of buing the lht) for touring se asia. last week i picked it up from eugene. what a great company that is ! all people are motivated, sharing and very helpful. the bike itself is great. at the moment i am breaking it in in portland, the best city in america for biking. it is fantastic.

next week i will pack the bike into a carton and fly to bangkok starting the tour.

some thoughts about equipment:
saddle: brooks flyer is very comfortable and gives some suspension on otherwise harsh nwt ride
gearing: rohloff is nice but expensive and too heavy. also the cable would be in the way of the folding mkechanism. a belt drive sounds nice, it is better suited for commuting than for touring imo.
lights: chose 1/2 watt planetbike combo. technology for reasonable hub dynamos not there yet in my opinion. too heavy, too expensive etc
panniers: ortlieb are the best. pvc line should be banned, is extremely bad for the environment. i use cordura bikepackers. like them a lot.
bag: i bought the quickfold bag which allows the bike to be taken into areas or buildings where no bikes are allowed. folding and packing the bike into the bag takes only a minute. i can take it anywhere without worries

keep it up

1 03 2012
Mack Hops

Great blog! Really stoked to have stumbled upon you.

Happy touring.

Cheers ,


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