Ode to the Surly Big Dummy

17 05 2011

Gett'n Surly with my Big Dummy...

A long load...

Heading to the LBS for some suspension maintenance...

Big Dummy Yukon touring…

Big Dummy surfing...

Loving the Dummy Life...

Getting loaded...

Torture testing the BD...

A loaded Big Dummy on tour...

Hauling a new bike for my friend Ursula...

Loading the Big Dummy....

Designed for versatility...

Here are links to Surly Big Dummy content I’ve posted online:

Off road Dummies...

Nice fender line on my BD...



6 responses

17 05 2011

You really are spreading the love of the Big Dummy 🙂


17 05 2011

This wouldn’t be in response to the BQ review of the Big Dummy, would it? Either way, great ode.

17 05 2011
Micheal Blue

Nice pics, Vik. Quite inspiring. The only “unsettling” thing is the super-long chain.

17 05 2011

@Dan – I’m pretty sure BQ tested a different bike!…=-)

@Michael – Recumbents have much much longer chains and they do just fine. I haven’t noticed any issues in my 4yrs of riding the Big Dummy.

17 05 2011
Andrew Priest

Damm, I think there is a n+1 in the making now 🙂

17 05 2011

The Big Dummy is one of my favorite bikes. Very versatile, very useful and very fun.

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