Rolling Jackass Stand Goes Prime-time!

15 05 2011

Rolling Jackass for sale on the Xtracycle Store...

Val came up with this awesome centrestand for the Xtracycle/Big Dummy. You can read why I think it’s great in my previous posts about Big Dummy stands.  I’m happy to see it for sale on the Xtracycle web shop. Good job Val and good job Xtracycle…=-)



One response

16 05 2011

I was very lucky to find a used RJ stand at a bike shop (The fantastic Aaron’s Bicycle Repair in Seattle), and I now consider it an indispensable addition to my big dummy. Super stable, great design, and it looks spiffy. I felt guilty spending so much on a used kickstand – but after 5 months of loving it I’d happily pay full price for a new one. I don’t have the “handlebar deploy lever”, as it seemed a bit over-kill-ish when I was buying mine, and I’ve never really yearned for it since. I have enough levers on my handlebars as it is.

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