Ocean Rodeo Mako 150

15 05 2011

2011 Ocean Rodeo Mako 150...

I tested a 2010 Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 in Baja this past winter and really liked it. I had planned to buy another Mako King, but a Slingshot Tyrant surfboard snuck into my quiver so I switched gears and went with the Mako 150.

Somewhat lame 2011 OR graphics...

Ocean Rodeo made a couple nice changes to the Mako 150 for 2011 – they upgraded the core to wood from foam for better durability and they added inserts for a mutant 3 fin option with the pads set back towards the rear of the board. Sadly they changed the graphics from a clean sharp look in 2010 to something I find pretty uninspiring – especially the craptacular logo. The Mako 150 is such a great kiteboard that I wouldn’t let mediocre graphic design put you off, but come on OR you can do better!

The bottom of the Mako 150...

Happily Ocean Rodeo didn’t change the amazing bottom shape or board outline of the Mako 150. It still has a ton of rocker and concave to give that uber smooth ride that loves to eat up chop and swell of any size. If I ever hear they are making a change I’ll buy two spare Mako 140’s and at least one Mako 150 so I’ll have Mako loveliness to ride for years to come.

If you haven’t tried a Mako you have no idea what you are missing!

Trying to capture the bottom shape...

So why not get another Mako King the big 165cm x 45cm member of the Mako family? Well I blame it on Andy at Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham! He rides a lot of kiteboarding gear and is very smart about figuring out what gear is the best in term of performance and price. Anyways he turned me onto a Slingshot Tyrant surfboard last season which I had a blast on in Baja. So I have a larger soul riding wave slashing board. He is also quite devious in that he puts a lot of gear out on the beach for folks to demo. I demo’d a Mako 150 in Baja and loved how it was a killer mix of the Mako 140’s nimbleness and the Mako King’s stable smooth soul riding vibe. Although I resisted for a few months I ended up buying a Mako 150 from Andy.

Resistance is futile!

Liquid Force LFX...

While was at the shop lusting after kites and boards Andy showed me the board he is super stoked about at the moment – a Liquid Force LFX twin tip. He says it’s got a lot of the smooth freeride vibe of the Mako lineup with the load and pop [due to the board’s flex] of a freestyle board for explosive airtime and cranking tricks. My will power was just good enough to leave the shop without buying one, buy based on past experience with Andy I bet this board will end up in my quiver for my next kiteboarding season.

BTW – if you are wondering why a kiteboarder in Victoria BC would buy their gear from a kiteshop in Bellingham, WA it’s simple – the folks at Kite Paddle Surf provide the best prices, awesome customer service and they are so stoked about kiteboarding that it’s fun to deal with them. They’ve got free shipping to Canada on orders over $300 now which is any board or kite. Since there isn’t a local kiteboard shop in Victoria Kite Paddle Surf is my local shop.



One response

20 05 2011

You are right about the graphics that is ugly …. they seem to have got on the twee gfx movement about 3 years too late just as everything is going simple again.
Always fancied an OR mako but pretty rare out in UK …. looked at the RRD Toxic Wave as a board for between those LUNACY days on the Slingshot and wave days on a custom DC Boards quad. Interesting to see they changed core – should make it pretty bulletproof …

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