Tandem Perspectives…

14 05 2011

Down low...

This is the same moment in time captured from two different perspectives. I like how the choice of camera positions totally changes the relative importance of the Bike Friday tandem vs. the person in the photo and sends a very different message to the viewer.

Up high...

Since digital photos are essentially free take a few of every scene you want to document. Vary the camera postion and viewing angle. I’d rather select from 4 options and throw 3 out than have to use the only image I took and not be stoked about it.

I really like the reactions of the folks in the background of the image above…=-)



One response

14 05 2011

The second pic is perfect Vik! That angle shows more of the bike and is more flattering to your lady friend. I think women look better if the shot is taken from an angle above eye level while men look best when the shot is taken from below.

Good advice about taking many shots from multiple angles when trying for a “keeper”. Most of course, will be deleted right away but some that seem, at first, to be crappy can be made interesting by cropping.

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