It’s almost Nitnaht Kiteboarding season!

8 05 2011

Sharon getting wet and wild!

I was talking about kiteboarding at a rest stop on the 300K last weekend when another randonneur commented that now that I was riding brevets I’d be too addicted to them to have any time for stuff like kiteboarding. Hahaha! Wrong! I love riding my bikes and I do really enjoy the challenge of brevets, but you’d be hard pressed to stop me from spending a good chunk of my free time in the summer kiteboarding.

Not only do I live in striking distance of one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world – it’s also stunningly beautiful and uncrowded. In addition to that a kiteboarding weekend is a whole lot more than the 3-4hrs you spend kiting each day. There is the fun of camping with your friends. Sitting around a campfire telling war stories while drinking beer. Getting up early for some peaceful SUPing on the glass like waters of the lake. Frankly it’s a hard combo to beat!

I still plan on riding some more brevets and doing some tours this summer, but I’ll probably work those into weekends that the wind isn’t looking overly awesome at Lake Nitnaht.

My seasons are shaping up like this:

  • winter = surfing
  • spring = rando
  • summer = kiteboarding [weekends] & Mtn Biking [weekday PM]
  • fall = bike touring
  • year round = transport biking

I’m excited that this will be Sharon’s first real season of kiteboarding as she is a lesson or three away from being fully independent and able to ride wherever she likes. It will be fun to see her rip it up on the water…=-) I’m going to take a run down to Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham next week [my local kite shop] to grab a few bits of gear for the new season. Sharon has already grown out of the beginner board I had for her so we are starting to compete for the same gear and I need a couple spares.

Time to fly!



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