Velo Orange Dynohub

6 05 2011

VO switchable dynohub...

One of the issues with dynohubs is that when you don’t need the power for your lights during the day you are still dealing with the drag from the hub magnets. Velo Orange is offering a sweet looking dynamo hub that you can switch on and off. When it’s on it provides enough power for any modern dynolight. When it’s off you just have the normal drag from high quality sealed bearings to deal with.

Not too shabby looking!

This dynohub looks pretty nice for $130.00. I’m going to grab one later this year and test it out to see how I like it compared to the SON and Shimano units I own.

I'm warming up to silver components...

Frame Spacing 100 mm
Spoke Flange Diameter 82mm
Center to Flange Left 20mm, Right 25mm
Flange to Flange 45mm
Weight 750g w QR, 685g no QR
Manufacturer Velo Orange
Material Aluminum Alloy
Finish Polished
Hub Bearing Type Sealed
Input or Output 6V, 3W