Surly Pugsley To Do List…

29 04 2011

I love a fatty!

My Surly LHT upgrade is still on going, but I’m waiting on rust proofing to arrive so I’ve started to look ahead to the next bike that needs love. It was a toss up between the Pugsley and the Big Dummy. The Pug needs more love, but the BD sees more action. In the end I went with the Pugsley because I feel guilty about how rusty she is.

Here is my plan:

  • totally strip frame including pulling headset
  • sand exterior rust
  • power coat frame [not sure what colour???]
  • rust proof interior of frame
  • clean wheels
  • pull Endomorph tires and install Larry tires
  • clean and inspect cog & chain ring [most likely reuse both]
  • reinstall components
  • install new chain
  • use new cables and fresh housing
  • install Jones Loop H-Bars

Kurt adjusting his Pugsley...



4 responses

1 05 2011
Steve Fuller


Are your Endos worn out, or are you just putting the Larry’s on to try something different? Just curious as I have Larry’s on my new Mukluk, but always looking to learn. Seems like the optimal snowbike setup for a lot of people is one of each?

1 05 2011

The Endos are fine. Just want to try out the Larrys. My Pug is does not see a lot of miles and not on surfaces that are tough on tires so they last a long time.

14 11 2011

as a new owner who rides the littoral, corrosion is a worry. mostly i’ve been sparingly spray ingbeospray into the various frame vents. i’ve only been riding her month but am interesting in other strategies to prevent the inevitable: rust never sleeps.

14 11 2011

Beowulf – a little rust proofing in the tubes is a good idea and wash/wipe her down after salt exposure. Beyond that tackle any surface rust once or twice a year.

If you figure you have a bunch of water down the seat tube remove seatpost, dump out water, spray in rust proofing, grease seatpost and reinstall.

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