Velo Orange Polyvalent…

29 04 2011

Velo Orange Polyvalent...

Update: Polys may be in stock later this year. See comment from VO attached to this post.

My Boulder Bicycle All Road is a lovely 650B randonneur frame that’s well priced in terms of quality/function, but it’s not a cheap option for someone who wants to try a low trail 650B bike out. The Velo Orange Polyvalent is a deal at $400.00 for the frame/fork or $595.00 for a kit that adds wheels, seatpost and brakes. One of the local BC randonneurs rides a Poly  and it looks like a lovely bike.

The only issue that concerns me is how to deal with full coverage metal fenders and the forward facing horizontal dropouts? Metal fenders don’t have a lot of give so you’d either have to install them with loads of clearance which may not even be possible using 650B x 42mm tires or letting the air out each time you remove/install the rear wheel. The later option may not be such a hassle seeing as I would be unlikely to remove the rear wheel unless I got a flat or I was overhauling the bike. Hopefully neither would happen frequently.

Pumpkin Polyvalent...

A few Polyvalent notes:

Don’t get too excited about buying one of these frames though. I asked VO when they’d be back in stock and the response was 2012 – that could mean Dec 2012! Rawlands Cycles has a couple frames that may work for your 650B builds. The Drakkar has a 50mm fork offset with 73 deg HT angle and runs only disc brakes with rear facing horizontal dropouts. The rSogn has 63mm of fork offset with 73 deg HT angle and runs rim brakes with vertical dropouts. Both Rawlands frames sell for ~$600.00-$625.00 even better Rawlands has some stock of Drakkars and the rSogn is available in the near future.

More Hartland Dirt Riding…

29 04 2011

We were supposed to go out for a rando training ride...

but we were seduced by our dirty bikes...

I mean mountain biking is kinda like interval training...

...isn't it?

Maybe not!

Thing is I live to ride...

I don't live to train!...=-)

Surly Pugsley To Do List…

29 04 2011

I love a fatty!

My Surly LHT upgrade is still on going, but I’m waiting on rust proofing to arrive so I’ve started to look ahead to the next bike that needs love. It was a toss up between the Pugsley and the Big Dummy. The Pug needs more love, but the BD sees more action. In the end I went with the Pugsley because I feel guilty about how rusty she is.

Here is my plan:

  • totally strip frame including pulling headset
  • sand exterior rust
  • power coat frame [not sure what colour???]
  • rust proof interior of frame
  • clean wheels
  • pull Endomorph tires and install Larry tires
  • clean and inspect cog & chain ring [most likely reuse both]
  • reinstall components
  • install new chain
  • use new cables and fresh housing
  • install Jones Loop H-Bars

Kurt adjusting his Pugsley...