Yehuda Moon on Tailights…

20 04 2011

Bikes from a Texas 600K…

20 04 2011

Photo: Stephen H from

I shared my photos from the recent Eau de Hell Week 600K on long distance forum. Stephen H took photos of almost all the bikes on a 600K in Texas. It’s interesting to see what they are riding there. Click on the image above to see his photos.

LHT Update #1

20 04 2011

Shimano dynohub, Mavid CXP33 rim & B&M IQ CYO Plus light...

I’ve got the following done so far:

  • dynohub front wheel built up
  • New Schwalbe Marathon XR mounted
  • B&M light on hand ready to install
  • stripped frame and pulled fork
  • cleaned frame and fork
  • inspected paint
  • cleaned and inspected both OMM racks
  • cleaned rear wheel and inspected tire

Shimano dynohub detail...

  • The powder coat is in serviceable condition after many years of abuse. There are a few scratches/chips and the finish is dull/thin in a few spots. I considered taking this opportunity to get the frame freshly power coated. It would make sense as it may be another 7 years before I strip the bike down next. After some serious thought I decided that the sage green paint is a classic Surly Long Haul Trucker finish and I should leave it for the time being. Next time I refurbish this frame it will see a new powder coat so I’ll enjoy the sage green as long as I can. I’m planning on hunting down some touch up paint and using Pedros Bike Lust frame polish to restore some much needed luster to my trucker.
  • However, before I do that I am going to coat the inside of the tubes with frame saver rust proofing and clean up the inevitable mess that will result! Then do any touch ups to the finish and polish it before starting the reassembly process.
  • While I wait on getting touch up and frame saver [ordered] I will clean the derailleurs, cassette and chain. After checking the chain it has a lot of life left in it. I may have put a new chain on recently and not remembered. In any case the drivetrain has at least another season left in it so I’ll just clean and adjust. New cables and housing are in order.  I need to decide on the colour of the housing and pick some up.