Swift Industries…

18 04 2011

Swift Ozette Rando Bag...

Found these bike bags recently made by Swift Industries. They look quite nice and offer similar designs to the traditional cotton bags from Berthoud and Carradice.

Front rack bag and saddle bag by Swift...

I haven’t tried one, but I thought they were worth a mention if you are shopping for a bike bag and want to get something non-traditional and non-Ortlieb.

Bag detail...

If you’ve got a Swift bag leave me a comment with your impressions. I’d be interested to hear what you think.



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18 04 2011

I don’t personally own one of these yet, but I have a friend that has both the porteur bag and the trunk bag and they are great bags. You can get them in whatever colors you want, they’re very durable, and are made by hand by a couple of folks here in Seattle. My impression is that if you have some requirement that isn’t listed in the order form, that you can contact them and they will accommodate whatever you need.

18 04 2011

Yeah, they’re nice looking bags. Can get them in Waxed cotton… haven’t been able to afford them yet…

18 04 2011

I have a saddle bag; it’s great. I saw a handlebar bag at the Seattle bike swap and was also impressed by that–my next purchase.


19 04 2011

I just received a pair of rear panniers in the waxed cotton. Beautifully made and they were great to work with. Highly recommended.

19 04 2011
John Speare

I’ve had a Swift porteur bag for a couple years. It’s a great value — huge, water-proof-enough, made in Seattle, tough, pretty. I use it mainly for shopping, but I’ve also used it for overnighters too.

22 04 2011

Hve you seen the Ostrich brand bags from Japan ? They are made by Azuma Sangyo and are handmade , and have been since 1968, great quality and a fantastic range.

23 04 2011

I’ve seen two Ostrich bags the design [flap opening from front and grid on map case] didn’t seem like good ideas. The stitching and such looked fine, but I didn’t investigate very closely.

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