Proud to be ashamed!

14 04 2011

Clean and tweaked - ready to get dirty again...

So my Work Stand of Shame methodology was successful…=-) I’m done working on my Bow Cycle 24 rando back up bike. Got almost everything done and what I didn’t do was for external reasons. The bike is nice and clean again.

Front fender tweaked and mudflap installed...

Fixed front flat, tweaked the fender alignment and installed a DIY milk jug mudflap.

The rear mega flap!

Taking some advice from I fashioned the rear mudflap from some stair covering material. It’s easy to work with – not sure how it will perform, but there is only one way to find out.

That's what a non-integrated fender line looks like...=-)

I noticed the left rear brake pad was loose so I sorted that out while I was at it. *sigh* What a F-ugly fender line – better than nothing I suppose.

A cockpit interrupted!

I got the Dinotte 200L-AA mounted so I have lights for this bike. I gave up on the GPS as the interrupter brake levers [which I don’t use] are right where the GPS needs to go. In a pinch I can mount it further to the left, but since my only need for the GPS is brevets and this is only a back up bike I won’t bother taking up valuable hand space with the GPS mount until I need it. When I do an overhaul of this bike I’ll strip the interrupter levers off it as they are dead weight to me and just taking up space I’d rather use for other things.

No Brooks yet...

My Brooks B17 Imperial Narrow saddle hasn’t shown up yet so I gave up waiting and will ride the stock plastic one until my Brooks arrives. I adjusted the rear light and checked that the batteries are in good shape. About 3hrs work all told that only took 9 months or so to get done!

This baby is ready to roll…=-)