Work Stand Shame!

13 04 2011

Get to work!

I’m so lazy sometimes it’s painful to behold even for me. I have at least a dozen bike projects ready to roll, but lack the motivation to get past a certain point in each one. In the past I’ve used blog posts to try and get my butt into gear by stating my goals publicly so that not meeting them would be shameful. That works somewhat, but I have a superhuman ability to ignore anything, but the most obvious message that I am being a slacker.

So my latest ploy is what I am calling Work Stand Shame. I place my Park bike stand in my office where I have to walk past it every time I go in or out. I then put a bike in the stand that needs something done to it. I am not allowed to futz with any other bike. So I can either work or if I need a break I can get something done on the bike in question. I tend to work in cycles of about 20mins with a break in between of 5-10mins to get focused for the next session. Futzing with a bike allows me to ponder the next stage of whatever I am working on so that even though it’s not obviously productive time it does contribute to my overall objective.

I’ve neglected my Bow Cycle 24 roadified cross bike for a while so it’s in the Work Stand of Shame. I need to:

  1. fix a flat front tire
  2. clean bike
  3. tweak both fenders back into alignment
  4. add some DIY mud flaps front and back
  5. tweak rear blinky
  6. install a GPS mount
  7. install a Brooks B17 Imperial Narrow saddle
  8. install a Dinotte 200L-AA light

So far so good. I’ve done #1, #2 & #3 today. I’m done 50% of #3 and have some ideas for a rear mudflap that I’ll work on tomorrow. Not exactly stunningly fast progress, but progress none the less!



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13 04 2011

lol I know what you mean, the rear shifter cable on my everyday commuter has been frayed and looking like a horse’s tail for quite a while – but it still shifts, so I haven’t changed it yet!

13 04 2011

I think I have you beat on the bike maintenance procrastination game. I’ve had an old Stumpjumper frame on my workstand since last fall, slowly building it into a winter beater. All I have left to do is adjust the brakes and it will be ready to go – for next winter! I also seem to have about a 20 minute tolerance for bike work, with several days, sometimes week long breaks in between. I used to love working on my bikes, but these days I just want to ride. My daily commuter looks like your recent Pugsley pics.

13 04 2011

@Joe – I feel your pain…=-) Crazy thing is I like working on my bikes, but I’m starting to suspect I like procrastinating more!

@Jet – your right on schedule for next winter….=-)~

13 04 2011

Interesting approach. Having lots of bikes means having lots of bikes that don’t work because you can always grab a working one from the stash. I do all my maintenance in the bike dungeon, but maybe my wife will let me set up a workstand of shame in the kitchen so I can catch up on my deferred maintenance. I will let her know it is your idea.



13 04 2011

I was bitten by a radioactive sloth and I have since gained incredible powers to be lazy.

13 04 2011

I have been writing my PhD thesis. My bike has never looked so good or had so much done to it…

13 04 2011

@Matt – hmmmm….not sure if I’m ready for that kind of commitment, but it sounds like it is working!…=-)

14 04 2011
Proud to be ashamed! « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] So my Work Stand of Shame methodology was successful…=-) I’m done working on my Bow Cycle 24 rando back up bike. Got almost everything done and what I didn’t do was for external reasons. The bike is nice and celan again. Front fender tweaked and mudflap installed… […]

14 04 2011

great idea, but i suspect my wife would be pissed about this approach though!
maybe if it was her bike in the stand….

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