Surly LHT To Do List…

13 04 2011

My Surly Long Haul Trucker in her current configuration...

I’ve finally got all the parts together for my LHT MK2 upgrade project. I put my Bow Bicycle 24 in the Stand of Shame before my LHT so I would be motivated to get on with the 24’s work so I can hit the LHT. My LHT has stayed pretty much the same all the years I’ve owned it so this is exciting stuff and it will be a big change for the old girl. The dyno lighting will be very useful and make it even more of a goto ride in my fleet. The hammered fenders will add some lovely bling! The hard B17 – well it won’t add anything, but I need to break it in so the LHT is as good a place as any.

So here is my plan:

  • strip frame down to BB and headset [inspect them, but expect them to be fine]
  • spray rust proofing in frame
  • wash frame
  • install bars and stem
  • clean and inspect brakes [install new pads as needed]
  • install brake levers
  • install derailleurs and shifters [use new cables and housing]
  • install new chain
  • inspect cassette and chain rings [clean and/or replace as needed]
  • clean old rear wheel
  • install new tires [Marathon XRs 700 x 35mm]
  • install old rear wheel and new Shimano dynohub front wheel
  • cable brakes [new cables & housing]
  • install VO hammered metal fenders
  • clean and install racks [OMM front and rear]
  • install seatpost
  • replace Champion Flyer with black B17 [need to break it in another Brooks]
  • install accessories [bell and rear light]
  • DIY front B&M light mount for OMM front rack
  • install B&M front light
  • wrap bars with fresh tape

I’ll take my time both because my LHT deserves some attention and because it should be a fun overhaul…=-)



21 responses

13 04 2011

This might be old news to you, but I recently installed a set of hammered VO fenders on my 58cm LHT and found the included daruma bolt to be too short. After searching the internets I found this solution which worked out perfectly:

Extended fork crown daruma bolt

13 04 2011

@Eric – thanks for the tip.

13 04 2011
Rob Thomson

Nice upgrades!

Do Surly frames come with factory rust-proofing inside the frames? Or is rust-proofing something you’d recommend as soon as you get a frame out of the box?

13 04 2011

@Rob – very few steel frames are rust proofed by the manufacturer due to the added cost/hassle involved that few customers will appreciate. Surly is no exception. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. It depends where you live, how you ride your bike and your expectations for its longevity.

A LHT with no treatment might last 10yrs+ in a wet climate, but another one that sees a lot of salt water/slush might last only a few years.

I don’t think anyone has a good handle on this.

15 04 2011
Michael French

What Shimano Dynamo hub are you planning to use?

16 04 2011

@Michael French – DH3N80

20 04 2011
Rob Thomson

Thanks Vik. I assume you just use a generic car-body rust proofing?

20 04 2011

@RT – it’s something from the airplane maintenance industry we can source here in Canada.

If I was in the US I’d just use JP Weigle frame saver, but it’s a pain to get here.

I’m sure there are other good options, but I am not up on the chemistry and viscosity of other treatments.

20 04 2011
Rob Thomson

Thanks Vik…I am living in Japan, so I’ll have to have a talk to some local bike shops to see what they would recommend…

20 04 2011

Vik & Rob

I’m from Japan too. Kind of funny that the two people following this thread are in Japan.

I got a good deal on a DH3N80, so I picked it up. Now I have to decide what light to use. I mostly will be using at moderately speeds in the city.. not very dark.. and also going through long dark tunnels when I’m cycling in the country side. Riding in tunnels scares me.. so I want to be very visible. I’m looking at Schmidt Edelux.. I think the light looks sweet.

Rob, where are you in Japan?


20 04 2011
Rob Thomson

Hey Michael,

I’m in Sapporo, Hokkaido. I have a Surly Karate Monkey on the way from the Japan distributor, which I plan to upgrade to Alfine 8-speed and Alfine dyno-hub. I decided to go with the Karate Monkey due to the big wheels; with about four or five months of the year here being snow, my thinking is that bigger wheels will rule…

I was originally thinking about a Bike Friday folder, but locals did not think it a good idea for winter riding (it really does snow a lot here).

Where are you in Japan?

Also wondering, does Vik or anyone following this blog have experience with belt drives in sub-zero temps and snow? Is it worth the money?

20 04 2011

@RT – Doug’s Gate belt drive failed in snowy conditions:

He had to go back to chain drive for the winter and just got the belt back on. I don’t think the carbon belt is quite there yet for bikes so I’d hold off another year or two unless you want to be a beta tester.

20 04 2011
Rob Thomson

Thanks Vik. Looks like a nice option for not-winter riding…

20 04 2011

An enclosed chain case is far cheaper, fits any bike with an IGH provides virtually maintenance free operation in any weather and you don’t have to have an belt specific frame or expensive frame modification.

20 04 2011
Rob Thomson

True. I was eying up a Hebe Chainglider the other day…

20 04 2011

Seems like a sensible option. Let me know how you like it if you go that route.

20 04 2011


I’m in Osaka. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to riding in the snow… but this year my goal is to be a year round commuter..

I’m slowly building up a LHT..I have everything but the frame, fenders and panniers. I will use it to mostly commute and I once i get the panniers and fenders I will commute in the rain. The rainy season is coming soon.. so I gotta get going.

Before I can order the frame, my wife wants me to get rid of extra bikes that I have. I have an old Canondale road frame, and a Zuno Tube cycle-cross frame that need homes. I’m willing to give them to a person that can pick them up at my place.
Do you know of any good Japanese cycling bulletin boards? Osaka’s Craig list is not very active.


20 04 2011
Rob Thomson

Hi Michael,

Yes…a frame is always handy 🙂

Apart from the great cycling communities on (such as 自転車で遠く行きたい – all in Japanese), I don’t know of any others.

You could try the Lonley Planet forum (, the forums ( and see if there are any cycling/sporting specific sections…they seem to be well followed…

24 05 2011
Ken Steinhoff


I’ve been very happy with my Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ Cyo R N Plus. It puts out a fair amount of light just where I need it.

Here’s more information about how I mounted it.

24 05 2011

Thanks I mounted mine under the platform of my OMM rack on the right side. That puts the light low where it performs well and keeps it protected and a bit out of sight from thieves.

24 05 2011

Nice list. Even though I live in SoCal, I used framesaver on my LHT before I built it. I expect to use it for touring under all kinds of weather and like the peace of mind.

Nice list. My LHT has been evolving over time. I haven’t done a complete rebuild for a while, but my bikes only a little over a year old. I really like my leather bar wraps.

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