MEC Reflective Sash Hack…

13 04 2011

MEC sash...

I like these Cactus Creek reflective sashes from MEC. They pack down small and are light so you can carry one with you anytime darkness may fall before you get home. They add a nice amount of visibility to your upper body when a car or bike’s lights hit them. They do have one flaw – the lower end/flap always rides up and ends up near your ear on a ride. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the sash, but it is annoying to have it flapping by your ear so you end up readjusting it every 10 minutes. That’s a PITA!

My Twoonie hack...

So I placed a $2 coin [called a Twoonie in Canada] in the flap area to add weight. I fold the flap around it and did a poor job sewing the flaps into a makeshift pocket. This keeps the coin in place and keeps my sash in place as well. Sweet!

Coin enclosed and ready to sew shut...

I also now have $2 available for a bonk emergency can of Coke or Snickers bar!



5 responses

13 04 2011
Mark S

That is a great idea. I’ve got a couple of those sashes from my last trip to Victoria. I’ll have to see how well it works with a US dollar coin.

13 04 2011

If you need more weight just use two $1 coins….not sure what they weigh.

13 04 2011
Pete Pesce

I really like these sashes, but can’t find anything similar in the US. I can now sympathize with your frustration with Acorn bags: MEC wants $20CDN – double the cost of the sash – to ship one to the US!

13 04 2011

@Pete – send me your address and $10 via paypal. I’ll ship you one. They come black, yellow and orange – give me two colour choices.

I won’t let you get Acorned…=-)~….BTW – REI would charge me the same to ship something like that to Canada. They have minimum shipping costs.

4 05 2011

@Pete – I grabbed your sash….sorry I have been slow to mail it. I hope to get it out by Friday!

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