MEC Reflective Sash Hack…

13 04 2011

MEC sash...

I like these Cactus Creek reflective sashes from MEC. They pack down small and are light so you can carry one with you anytime darkness may fall before you get home. They add a nice amount of visibility to your upper body when a car or bike’s lights hit them. They do have one flaw – the lower end/flap always rides up and ends up near your ear on a ride. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the sash, but it is annoying to have it flapping by your ear so you end up readjusting it every 10 minutes. That’s a PITA!

My Twoonie hack...

So I placed a $2 coin [called a Twoonie in Canada] in the flap area to add weight. I fold the flap around it and did a poor job sewing the flaps into a makeshift pocket. This keeps the coin in place and keeps my sash in place as well. Sweet!

Coin enclosed and ready to sew shut...

I also now have $2 available for a bonk emergency can of Coke or Snickers bar!

Surly LHT To Do List…

13 04 2011

My Surly Long Haul Trucker in her current configuration...

I’ve finally got all the parts together for my LHT MK2 upgrade project. I put my Bow Bicycle 24 in the Stand of Shame before my LHT so I would be motivated to get on with the 24’s work so I can hit the LHT. My LHT has stayed pretty much the same all the years I’ve owned it so this is exciting stuff and it will be a big change for the old girl. The dyno lighting will be very useful and make it even more of a goto ride in my fleet. The hammered fenders will add some lovely bling! The hard B17 – well it won’t add anything, but I need to break it in so the LHT is as good a place as any.

So here is my plan:

  • strip frame down to BB and headset [inspect them, but expect them to be fine]
  • spray rust proofing in frame
  • wash frame
  • install bars and stem
  • clean and inspect brakes [install new pads as needed]
  • install brake levers
  • install derailleurs and shifters [use new cables and housing]
  • install new chain
  • inspect cassette and chain rings [clean and/or replace as needed]
  • clean old rear wheel
  • install new tires [Marathon XRs 700 x 35mm]
  • install old rear wheel and new Shimano dynohub front wheel
  • cable brakes [new cables & housing]
  • install VO hammered metal fenders
  • clean and install racks [OMM front and rear]
  • install seatpost
  • replace Champion Flyer with black B17 [need to break it in another Brooks]
  • install accessories [bell and rear light]
  • DIY front B&M light mount for OMM front rack
  • install B&M front light
  • wrap bars with fresh tape

I’ll take my time both because my LHT deserves some attention and because it should be a fun overhaul…=-)

Work Stand Shame!

13 04 2011

Get to work!

I’m so lazy sometimes it’s painful to behold even for me. I have at least a dozen bike projects ready to roll, but lack the motivation to get past a certain point in each one. In the past I’ve used blog posts to try and get my butt into gear by stating my goals publicly so that not meeting them would be shameful. That works somewhat, but I have a superhuman ability to ignore anything, but the most obvious message that I am being a slacker.

So my latest ploy is what I am calling Work Stand Shame. I place my Park bike stand in my office where I have to walk past it every time I go in or out. I then put a bike in the stand that needs something done to it. I am not allowed to futz with any other bike. So I can either work or if I need a break I can get something done on the bike in question. I tend to work in cycles of about 20mins with a break in between of 5-10mins to get focused for the next session. Futzing with a bike allows me to ponder the next stage of whatever I am working on so that even though it’s not obviously productive time it does contribute to my overall objective.

I’ve neglected my Bow Cycle 24 roadified cross bike for a while so it’s in the Work Stand of Shame. I need to:

  1. fix a flat front tire
  2. clean bike
  3. tweak both fenders back into alignment
  4. add some DIY mud flaps front and back
  5. tweak rear blinky
  6. install a GPS mount
  7. install a Brooks B17 Imperial Narrow saddle
  8. install a Dinotte 200L-AA light

So far so good. I’ve done #1, #2 & #3 today. I’m done 50% of #3 and have some ideas for a rear mudflap that I’ll work on tomorrow. Not exactly stunningly fast progress, but progress none the less!