Acorn Bag Help…

8 04 2011


Update: thanks to everyone that tried to help. I am an unworthy Canadian and will simply have to accept that…;-)

So this Acorn Roll Bag that I am after [black with tan straps shown above] is available on their webshop, but it won’t let me buy it and ship it to a friend in the US because I am….*sigh* Canadian! Uber lame! If anyone reading this blog post in the US would buy this for me and ship it to me in Canada I’ll cover all your expenses + $20 extra. If you can help out pls post a comment so only 1 bag is bought.


BTW – if by any chance more than one bag is bought you won’t get stuck with it. I will buy more than one if that happens and either use it or sell it.

State of the Mediocre…

8 04 2011

Garmin Spew...

I finally managed to reach Garmin tech support on my second call. I asked them which of their handheld waterproof outdoor units that I could strap to my bike would allow me to have more than 50 points in a route while providing turn-by-turn navigation and more than 500-600 points in a track I download to the unit without truncating the track? Given those are the specs of my 5 year old Vista Cx I expected to be pointed to a new model Garmin.

I was wrong.

My unit is state of the mediocre when it comes to Garmin’s outdoor line of products…=-( He did say they “were working on it” in a tone that made it sound like I was asking for their GPS unit to act as a guidance module for my faster than light spaceship!

It’s a bit pathetic, but at least I know not to waste my efforts on any other Garmin outdoor handhelds. I’m going to call Delorme next and see if their unit with SPOT and satellite messaging can do better.

Garmin 1999 called and they want their GPS technology back!

Lugged Boulder Bicycle Porn…

8 04 2011

Lugged Boulder Bicycle with custom paint...

Jump over to the Rene Herse Blog and check out this lovely lugged Boulder Bicycle with custom paint.