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7 04 2011

Acorn Bags - Roll Bag...

To get one of these Acorn Roll bags?…=-) You can’t buy them in the traditional way. Acorn does have a webstore, but most of the products are out of stock. They make them in small batches in a random order that’s not obvious to a potential customer. They post them for sale when they are finished and unless you happen to check the site on the right day [potentially 1 out of 60 or 90] you are SOL. Now I like a challenge as much as the next guy, but this represents a retail model I can’t get behind. I mean I get the low production made by hand part, but I don’t get the randomly throwing them up on the webstore with no warning part. They’ve got an idea of how many they can make and which ones are popular so why not create a wait list for 2011. Take a customer’s money so the sale is 100% and then give them a target date this year for shipping. I’d be cool with buying a bag today that I wouldn’t get until September. When 2011’s production is sold shut down the webstore and repeat the process in January 2012. This way the Acorn folks generate 100% sales and the customers know they’ll either got a bag this year or they won’t and they can buy something else.

Just a suggestion…

Don’t even get me started on the fact they won’t sell a bag to a Canadian. I thought Canadianism was a thing of the past, but I guess I was wrong…;-)~

Although I will admit playing hard to get is sexy!



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7 04 2011
Todd S.

If you have a twitter account, follow them and you’ll get the announcements:

7 04 2011

Sadly I don’t Twit. I’m oldskool!

7 04 2011

They do post the Twits to their site so you can read them there if you drop by regularly. It’s like trying to date the hottest cheerleader at your highschool – technically feasible, but highly unlikely!

7 04 2011
Pete Pesce

They used to do a wait list I think, but it got unruly. Deposits or not, some people always want to change or cancel, etc, so managing the wait list becomes a full-time job in itself. They prefer to make bags for a living, not manage lists of unhappy people. I agree that the current method is frustrating, too, but it beats waiting a year!
Twitter accounts are free, Vik, so you can sign up for no reason other than to get Acorn tweets!

7 04 2011

It’s like those cards businesses want you to use to get discounts that fill up your wallet. They are free as well, but I refuse to filled up my life with arbitrary stuff to make a purchase. If a business wants to give me a discount cool, but I’m not jumping through hoops for the privilege of buying a product.

The Acorn folks are certainly entitled to use whatever system they prefer to sell they’re bags.

I’ll check in occasionally and if I get lucky awesome. If not it’s just a bag…=-)

7 04 2011

Would love to get one of the Boxy bags. As a fellow Canadian it’s a bit frustrating. However, I’ve got family in the US so i suppose I could go that route.

7 04 2011

It’s actually a decent reason to get a Twitter account. I was in the market for something totally unrelated to bike bags… a product that was going to have a production run less than 20. They were going to post it on their website, email it, and tweet it… so I created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of getting this singular update, “followed” the account, and activated a cell phone alert. Just to be certain I signed up for the email too, and created an alert that would notify me when they updated their website… The tweet got sent to my cell phone instantly, while the website update alert took 15 minutes, and the email took over an hour. I placed my order within two minutes of the product going online.

Twitter might not be something you ever want to contribute to, but for purposes like this one it’s simply unbeatable.

A one time set up of a Twitter account isn’t filling up your life with “arbitrary stuff.” Set it and forget it. I would suggest that periodically going to their website is more along the lines of “arbitrary stuff” than a five minute, one time setup.

If you aren’t actually willing to take a small step to get a product you claim to want, I have to wonder what the purpose of this article actually was.

7 04 2011

@Matthew – you may not understand why I don’t want another account [Twitter or something else], but it does matter to me and believe it or not it does clutter up my life even though it’s virtual and not a card in my wallet. The purpose of this post is to express my opinion. As a by-product Acorn might sell a few more of their nice bags – assuming people are able to navigate their system and don’t live in Canada.

I feel like searching for a company’s website. Finding a product I want to buy from them and buying it is a pretty reasonable level of effort to expend in pursuit of something. You may feel that adding to that process a Twitter account and then waiting for a summons is a reasonable thing. I, however, don’t. If that means I don’t deserve a Acorn Bag than I can live with that.

7 04 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, I’m with you on this.

7 04 2011

Vik, the right side margin of your posts is cut off, maybe 5-10 letters missing. is it my browser settings?

7 04 2011

@Bubba – it looks fine on my screen, but I run a 32″ monitor! Anyone else having issues with how the post reads?

7 04 2011

I got my Acorn roll bag on ebay two years ago. I have an alert set up and I get a message every time something gets listed. It’s worth setting one up, this stuff shows up from time to time.

By the way, you don’t need a twitter account. You can get Twitter updates through RSS feeds, I use google reader.

Acorn’s stuff is AWESOME. I also have a rando bag and a large saddlebag. I think it’s better than Carradice and Berthoud for their respective purposes.

7 04 2011
Scott Loveless

I’m with Vik on this. It appears that they’re banking on unavailability driving demand, whether that appearance is intentional or not. In other words, carrot on a stick. I’m really not a fan of having to earn a spot in line so that I can fork over my money.

I tried to buy a Kogswell P/R once…

7 04 2011
Early Retirement Extreme

One should think that this sales strategy would generate a secondary market where lucky people buy from Acorn and then sell the bags on at a profit/level where they don’t get sold out instantly. All this just means that the price is too low.

7 04 2011

I’ll pay an extra $20 over retail + shipping for a Black Acorn Roll Bag…=-)

7 04 2011

I got mega-lucky and found a black Rando Bag on an off day. Completely random. Awfully nice product.

7 04 2011

i have the same problem. i live in Canada, and damn, the supply is limited. i sympathize with them however. they are just 2 people who are making bags by hand. you can’t expect them to be able to make dozens of bags a week. i want one, but i can’t be upset that i can’t get one.

7 04 2011

I’ve got no issue with how many bags they make.

12 04 2011

I’m with Vik here. My first thought is, if you want one, why not just make one for yourself if they play so hard to get? It doesn’t look like too difficult a job.

22 04 2011

Let me quickly defend Acorn for a second. They are a very small two person operation working out of their garage in Gardena, CA. I have not met them personally but have communicated with them via email several times. I tried to pick up my items directly as I live just a few miles away. No luck, they didn’t want people coming by their house – I don’t blame them honestly. They can only make so many products in a month and their monthly quota fills very quickly not that at their products are in demand. Additionally they take time off each year to go on tours of their own.

Now for how to go about placing an order. I would simply find out from them when you start taking order for the given month and set my alarm so I know when they will turn on the PayPal link. I would then hit refresh on my browser until the link became active and place my order. This worked like a charm both times I placed orders. Keep in mind you need to get your order in fast when the PayPal link goes live. As for you Canadians, well I don’t have much of a suggestion for you other than to ask Acorn to offer sales to Canada. Keep in mind that if it’s too much trouble they likely will not offer the service as they have all the business they need.

I have the two strap roll bag and the boxy rando bag. Both are excellent products and I love them dearly.

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