The Hills are Alive 300K…

7 04 2011

Ready to roll...

Update: I’ve decided not to participate in this ride. Sharon wasn’t happy that I was going to spend the Saturday of her 4 day Easter Weekend riding my bike which would screw up any plans to leave town for the holiday weekend. Add to that the Easter holiday road traffic and my general level of unpreparedness for a brutal brevet it seemed like a reasonable issue to concede on. Sharon’s work schedule doesn’t have the same flexibility mine does so 4 days off in a row without taking vacation time is understandably a big deal for her. So instead I’ll spend the long weekend surfing at Tofino – *sigh* the sacrifices I make. I’ll ride the BC Randonneurs lower mainland Hatzic Hills 300K on 30 April which gives me an extra week to prepare and I figure the course can’t be any harder than the Hills are Alive! As a bonus Sharon wants to visits friends in Vancouver so she’ll come along and feel like she is part of the rando support team…;-)~

I’m thinking of riding the Hills are Alive 300K on 23 Apr with the BC Rando Club.  The name sounded a bit ominous…lol…, but then I read Raymond Parker’s blog post about it and I’m not sure if I am better of knowing what’s in store or just doing the ride blind?  One thing I really like about this ride is that it starts a 5 min bike ride from my house so I’ll be able to ride it door to door – that’s a first for me!

I put a bug in Aaron’s ear about this brevet so hopefully I’ll have some company. Suffering isn’t half as much fun alone…=-)

Aaron is smilling thinking about all that climbing!



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20 03 2011
Mike Croy

Hey Vik!

I would suggest doing “the hills are alive” 300km brevet. It is challenging but really not un-doable if you pace yourself and well worth the challenge. The scenery on the ride is very pretty as well as at times low traffic, my wife and I along with another female friend rider will also be riding and for sure will be the back of the packers or lantern rouge so you will have company.

Cheers and happy riding

Mike Croy

20 03 2011

@Mike – barring a heinous weather forecast or having to leave town for work I’ll be there!

20 03 2011
Everett H

I was looking at the mirror on your newest addition to your fleet and wondering the make and model? I have been following your site for a while here in middle Florida… your blog is great.
Thanks. Ev

21 03 2011

@EV – thanks for the kind words. It’s a a Blackburn mirror:

Not perfect, but with drops and barend shifters I haven’t found anything I like better.

22 03 2011

Vik, I concur with Mike that you shall enjoy the 300. I was a bit shocked the first time I did it and it made me laugh at myself but then I had fun.

Training tip: Stay away from the pub the night before and lay off the Oreos and Twinkies for breakfast.

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