Ortlieb Velocity Backpack 3yr+ Update…

3 04 2011

My trusty Ortlieb on an errand adventure...

Have a read of my 5 month review of this backpack for all the nitty gritty details.

This backpack has become my favourite for almost all backpackish needs I have. I do have a few other more traditional backpacks I use occasionally, but 9 times out of 10 this Ortlieb gets the call.


  • fits me well
  • comfortable
  • waterproof
  • durable…it’s scuffed plenty, but shows minimal wear considering the use it’s seen
  • looks nice [to me]
  • holds enough, but not too much


  • it could use a tab for a rear red light…most of my bikes have a hard mounted light, but it would be a useful addition for hopping onto a bike with no rear light
  • I’ve noticed some wear on the cloth at the top where I roll it up to close it…just a bit and no problems yet, but I suspect this is where it will fail, but perhaps not for many years still
  • one of the plastic clips that holds the extra part of the waist belt strap has broken off and they were not that great functionally to begin with
  • since I rarely want to use the waist belt [pack isn’t big enough for heavy loads] I simply tape it up

Would I buy another?

  • yes…if this was lost or stolen I’d be ordering a new one the next day
  • in fact my GF asked me what I wanted for a b-day gift this year and one of the 3 options I gave her was the Ortlieb Messenger Pro..this bag’s big brother
  • I should have the pro in a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll love it, but I bet the Velocity still get’s used most of all as the size is perfect for a lot of loads



3 responses

3 04 2011
Glenn Blanchard

You forgot, there’s one other con. It’s probably the ugliest backpack ever conceived in the human mind let alone actually put into production. I guess it’s a matter of function over form.

3 04 2011

@Glenn – that’s a matter of opinion. Personally I like compared to the busy pockets & straps everywhere look of what passes for a modern backpack.

13 11 2012

why dont you remove the waist straps and that way you dont have to worry about it?

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