Boulder Bicycle All Road Mk2…

1 04 2011

Boulder Bicycle All Road Mk2...

I’ve made a few tweaks to my Boulder Bicycle All Road over the last week or so.

Nothing drastic…

  • fixed headset assembly problem [my goof when I built the bike]
  • pulled stiffener from Berthoud bar bag to make it lighter and quieter
  • flipped stem so rise was going up and lowered bars slightly [will ride for a while before cutting steerer again]
  • installed Tektro 720 cantis with Koolstop Salmon pads & Cane Creek levers
  • installed white Selle Anatomica [strictly for bling]
  • got some white Grand Bois Hetres tires [more bling won’t install until dry weather is here]
  • modified a Planet Bike Superflash for rainproofness

New Tektro brakes and semi-sealed PB Superflash...

The brakes have a bit of play when installed on the bike which may be a problem in terms of squealing [silent so far!]. I’ll give them a couple weeks and see what happens. If they can’t be setup quiet I’ll be looking for new brakes!

When specing the bike I went with a triple as I wasn’t 100% on what I’d want from the gearing. With a 48/36/26 x 11-32 setup I haven’t left the middle ring yet on a ride. I could swap in a 13-26 cassette I have for tighter gear spacing and then use all three rings or I could swap in a 11-34 wide range cassette and go with a 1×9 setup. The 1×9 would let me ditch the left bar end shifter and use that spot for a B&M rearview mirror which would make me happy. I’m not overly sensitive to varying my RPM and I can spin quite fast when needed. I’ll hold off making a decision until after the 300K Hills are Alive brevet later this month. If I don’t use the granny on that ride I’ll go with a 1×9.

Tektro 720 brake detail...

I haven’t setup cantis in a long time so I just took a guess at a decent straddle cable position and figured I’ll adjust as needed.

Cable hanger porn...

I’ve got to give Mike Kone at Boulder Bicycles some props for helping me figure out I had the lower seal on the headset installed upside down. The bike rode fine, but the handling riding no handed was off. We worked through a bunch of issues tracking this down and only clued in to the problem when I was describing how the tension adjustment felt on the headset and Mike realized the seal was causing unwanted drag. As soon as I flipped the seal the bike was super easy to ride no handed. I appreciate the time invested Mike and your focus on customer satisfaction. I can see why Rene Herse/Boulder Bicycle is so busy….=-)

Revised stem/bar position with new brake levers...

This bike gets a ton of attention wherever I go – young/old – bike geek/civilian – they all stop to check it out and want to talk about it.

I flipped the mirror to try out a new position...

Without the heavy stiffener the Gilles Berthoud bar bag is much lighter and quieter as there is nothing hard to rattle against. The bag is holding its shape just fine without it. The bag has been a pleasure to use rain or shine so far. I’m trying a new position for the mirror. I’m not sure if this setup will make any difference, but I thought I would try it for a couple rides and see. If I end up going with a 1×9 drivetrain I’ll ditch this mirror for a small B&M mirror like I put on Sharon’s Cross Check.

Front Tektro 720...



13 responses

1 04 2011

Vik, flip the PB upside down. Easier to turn on and off from the saddle, and I’ve had great luck with rain not causing a problem.

Also, since you are already blinged out, why not get a compact double, say run 32×46 or 30×46 or 44 up front? I’m a fan of this, ride in the ‘big’ ring most of the time…

Have you looked at Paul’s brakes?

Sweet bike..

1 04 2011

Why did you use canti-brakes… Is there a specific reason??
Maybe the fenders??
What are the dis-, advantages of these brakes compared to say v-brakes or calliperbrakes??

Thanks, G

1 04 2011

When I switched from drops to A-bars on my LHT I also went from the Rhode Gear hood mirror to the B&M. While smaller, the B&M seems to have better optics and has plenty of adjustability.

1 04 2011

I had a mirror from Peter White that I mounted just below the hoods. Had both a bar end mount and a bar wrap mount.

1 04 2011

@Mike – I used to running my PBs right side up and I can turn them on/off very easily from the saddle. I’ve heard of the upside down mount, but I wanted to see if I could solve the rain problem in this orientation.

Do you have any issues with the PB falling out since the clip is now upside down?

I’ve read too many mediocre reviews of Paul’s brakes and in particular the fact the squeal a lot which I hate. So far the Tektros are silent…=-)

The double may be the way to go, but I think I’ll wait and see. I paid for the tripple so sticking with it/making it a single is free. On the 100K pop I rode with a guy who uses a SS for his brevets so a 1×9 is a lot of choices by comparison.

@ Gerco – the front v-brake doesn’t work with the Nitto M12 rack so it had to go. I swapped both for symmetry reasons. Cantis have better modulation than v-brakes, but v-brakes are easier to setup. I would have been fine with v-brakes if the rack wasn’t a problem.

1 04 2011

I ditched a set of Tektro Oryx brakes on my Canti-Rom last year as they squeaked and shuddered no matter what I did to set them up. I replaced them with a set of Paul’s and they solved the problem.

I’m looking at canti options for a new build and I’d be interested to see how your 720s work longer term as the Paul’s are quite spendy.

1 04 2011

Whoops, forgot to ask one more thing. Did you use tandem length shift cable for the rear derailer in order to route the bar end shifter all the way up to the stem? How is the shifting with this setup? Cheers!

1 04 2011

@Andrew – based on the small amount of play I expected the 720’s to squeal, but so far they are silent….*fingers crossed*

I used a standard shift cable, but it was barely long enough. I will use a tandem length cable next time to make the install easier as I had to fully stretch the cable to get it long enough to clamp at the rear derailleur.

Shifting has been perfect and I don’t feel the cables under the tape.

The result is clean and works with a front bag well. I don’t mind the standard bar end cable routing on my LHT, but with the large GB bag it would have been a pain.

1 04 2011
Dolan Halbrook

Unfortunately they may only be for linear pull brakes, but I’ve had great luck with Kool-Stop Tectonics. Awesome, awesome power (damn near my BB7s, even in the wet) and very little noise. If your Tektros ever get noisy give ’em a look.

1 04 2011

Me ha gustado este analisis mucho. La bike porn 650B es muy buena.

1 04 2011

I have CR 720s on three bikes–they’ve been great for me.

I need to repaint the Swift Folder I just picked up–hmm, maybe white!

14 05 2011

How do you like the frame? Does is it “plane”? Does the fork absorb more vibration with the 62 (low trail) rake?

14 05 2011

@ Keith – the frame does plane for me. The handling is great. The frame is very flexible which was intentional. The fork is actually 30mm of trail with 70mm of offset. It noticeably moves vertically when riding, but still steers with precision. It’s hard to tell what vibration dampening is coming from the fork vs. the 42mm tires at 50-55psi. Ultimately the result is a comfortable ride.

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